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Notifying Artists of Jury Results

Go to Events > Communications > Select Event.

Here you will use the Communication module to send the final results announcement from the CaFÉ website to all applicants.The system automatically inserts the artist’s name, artwork titles, and application status for you within the message. All you have to do is write the content or body of the email message.

Step 1: Check the box(es) next to the group of artists you want to email. Click the Select button to open the email form.

Screenshot of the communication table where you can see all the statuses and can select to begin the email.

Step 2: Fill in the required fields and craft your message in the body text box.

  • From Name: Enter your name.
  • Reply-To Email Address: Enter your email address for artists to reply to your message.
  • CC & BCC: Enter any email address you want to copy on the email. If entering multiple emails, separate them out by a comma (optional).
  • Send Copy?: Check this box to have a copy of the email sent to your email (optional).
  • Body: Enter the text of your email.
  • Attachment: Click the Choose File button to select the file from your computer. The file should be a docx, .doc, .xlsx, .xls, .pdf, or .txt File size must not exceed 2 MB (optional).

Step 3: Click the Preview button to review your draft.

Screenshot fo the email form where users can type their emails in. Similar to a normal email form.

The system will auto populate the following fields:

  • CaFÉ login: [username]
  • Medium Category: [medium category, if applicable]
  • [Status] [Artwork Title]
  • [first_name] [last_name]:

NOTE: If you juried by individual artwork, the email message sent will include the artist’s artwork title with the application status. In some cases, an artist may get two email messages if they had some works Invited and other works Not Invited. See the example below.

NOTE: If you juried by artist, the standard email message will be sent without the artist’s application status listed at the top. See the example below.

Screenshot of the email preview with a box around the auto-populated information.

Jury By Artwork Example:

CaFÉ login: [rockroll]
Invited – Landscape Green
Not Invited – Seascape Blue
Not Invited – Portrait Yellow

Rocky Vasquez:
Thank you for applying to CaFÉ’s Juried Exhibition for Artwork 2020. We regret to inform you that at least one of your pieces was not selected for the event.

Jury by Artist Example:

CaFÉ login: [imatester]
Medium Category: Painting

Paul Nguyen:
Thank you for applying to CaFÉ’s Juried Exhibition for Artwork 2020. Congratulations! You have been selected.

Step 4: Click the Send button to send your email. Once you click Send, this action cannot be reversed or stopped.

Click Go Back and Make Changes to return to the email form and make changes. Click Save Draft to save and come back to your email message at a later time. You will find your drafts under the call title in the Events > Communication tab.

Screenshot of the send, save draft button

NOTE: Spam settings and email delivery protocols vary among email providers your recipients may use. We recommend that you review a list of possible bounced emails in the Email Bounce Report under Reports after sending an email.

How to Retrieve a Copy of Sent Emails

When you use the CaFÉ Communication tool to send emails, the system records a copy of the message in each artist’s citation.

  • Go to Events > Management > Choose Event.
  • Choose the status of the artist whose message you want to review (Invited, Not Invited).
  • Click the specific artist’s or any user’s ID #.
  • Locate the communication section in the Artist Citation Page and click the underlined, linked message.

Check for Bounced Emails

When you use the CaFÉ Communication tool to send emails, you may sometimes get email bounce-backs. Go to Reports > Events Communication Bounce Report to generate a report on bounced emails that occurred on your selected dates.

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Jury Wrap-Up

Once you have notified all applicants of the jury results, follow these steps to complete your jury:

  1. Go to Jury > Administration > Select Event.
  2. Change Jury Status to Complete and click Save Changes.
  3. Go to Event > Management > Select Event > Call Editor.
  4. Ensure Do Not Allow Artists to Archive is set to Disabled.

IMPORTANT: Only after you have done the above steps will the applicant’s entry status be revealed to the applicant. Changing these settings will allow applicants to archive their submissions and remove the images, audio, or video sample from the CaFÉ account if they wish to do so.

Screenshot of the jury status changing to complete.
screnshot of the do not allow artists to archive toggle with options for active/disabled

How to Request a Download of Images

You may request an export of the JPG files submitted to your call for entry. Submit a Help Ticket to request an export of the JPG files. Be sure to tell us the name of your call and the application status (Invited, Not Invited, etc.) that you would like us to export images from. Upon request, we will email you a link to download the zipped folder of images. Video and audio files cannot be exported at this time.

How to Archive Your Call

If you are ready to archive your call to keep your list of Current calls up-to-date, submit a Help Ticket to request your call be archived on your account and a member of the CaFÉ team will archive it for you. To view your archived call, select it from the drop down menu under Archived Event.

Screenshot of the Help Ticket form where users can send an email to the entire CaFE team.