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Galesburg Community Arts Center placed on top of an orange circle and red square.
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Connecting the Community to the Arts

Galesburg Community Arts Center

The Galesburg Community Arts Center is a small but influential arts organization serving a four to five-county region in rural west-central Illinois. Founded in 1923 as the Galesburg Civic Art League (later changing its public name to the Galesburg Community Arts Center), the center connects its community to the arts through exhibitions, community events, and an artist residency program, among other art-making programs.

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Bringing Art to the Streets

The Paseo Project

The Paseo Project is a nonprofit arts organization located in Taos, New Mexico. Made up of a small team of four, it’s brought art to the streets since 2014 through the annual PASEO festival, Artist in Residence program, and community-based public art projects.

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An image of two huge colorful dragonfly sculptures with a little kid standing in the middle of them.
An image of a bunch of people outside looking at a bunch of kites flying in the air.
An image of a bunch of people outside looking at fire sculptures.