My login is not working.

  • Make sure you are typing the username/password exactly as they were set up.
  • Make sure that you are at the correct URL –
  • If you need to retrieve your username, enter your email under “Forgot Username?” and your username will be sent to that email.
  • If you need to reset your password, enter your username and email under “Forgot Password?” and a link to reset your password will be sent to that email.

Who assigns jurors for my call?

As the event administrator, you will assign jurors to your call. You will assign your own jurors using the Jurors Profile setup in your system menu. Learn how to do this by viewing the Jury Administration Guide.

Can I access my jurors’ scoring history?

Yes. On the Jury Administration page under Step 3, View Scoring History, you can download your scores by jury round. Learn more by visiting the Jury Administration Help Guide.

How do I get copies of the submitted JPEG files?

Submit a help ticket to the CaFÉ team to request copies of the submitted JPEG files you need. You must specify the event and which status you need. CaFÉ staff will email you a link to download the images. JPEG files can be exported with the last name appended or by system-assigned number. At this time audio and video files cannot be exported.

How do I request a new call for entry?

Contact the CaFÉ staff at before starting a new call. Previous calls cannot be reopened nor reused. For each new call request you will complete a Client Information Form.

How do I request a refund?

You can refund the artist from your end by mailing a check, or CaFÉ can process the refund on your behalf.

If you would like CaFÉ to process the refund, please submit the CaFÉ Refund Request Form. Once the form is filled out, we will be in touch with updates regarding the status of the refund. Refunds are typically processed within 48 hours of the request.

How do I access an archived call?

Your old calls are never deleted. They are archived and available to access under the Archived Events drop-down menu. There, you will have access to past calls and all the related data.

How does CaFÉ advertise calls?

When you post a call on CaFÉ, your call gets published to the Call Listings page along with all the other CaFÉ customer opportunities. If you wish to reach more artists for your call, you can purchase a Promotional E-Blast for your event.

Why did I get too many (or too few) responses?

There are many factors involved in an artist’s decision-making process and the calls they choose to apply to. Some of these factors include the total time to apply, eligibility requirements, entry fee costs, and location of the event. Evaluate your project from the artist’s perspective and try to find areas for improvement.

Who can artists contact for technical support with the CaFÉ website?

If you are unable to troubleshoot and resolve an issue, please direct artists to contact for assistance using the CaFÉ website. If the artist has a question about the organization or project itself, we will direct the artist to contact you.

What media requirements can I ask artists to submit?

CaFÉ accepts only the following file types:

  • Image: JPEG; minimum 1,200 pixels, maximum 5 MB
  • Audio: AIFF, WAV, XMF, MP3; maximum 10 MB
  • Video: 3GP, WMV, AVI, MOV, ASF, MPG, MP4, M2T, MKV, M2TS; maximum 100 MB

These are static specifications and cannot be customized. Tutorials and Digital Resources for artists are available on the Uploading Media page.

How do I allow an artist to apply after my call deadline has passed?

You have a couple of options to allow an artist to apply after the deadline, depending on the applicant’s status:

  1. To reopen a call to artists, email the CaFÉ team at with the new deadline date. The CaFÉ team will update the deadline on your behalf and let you know once the change has been completed.
  2. To reopen a call to a single artist whose application status is either Started or Ready for Submission, email our team with the name of the artist and we will move them into the Exception status, where they will be able to complete their application and pay the application fee. Once they pay their application fee, they will automatically be moved into the Received status.

How do I change the media requirements after artists have already applied?

We are typically unable to accommodate this request once artists have applied. While we don’t recommend updating the media requirements after a call has already begun accepting applications, it can be reviewed on a per case basis by the CaFÉ team. Email with your revised media requirements and we’ll review your request.

Please note that any changes to the submission requirements can greatly affect artists who have already applied to your call. If you would like these artists to adhere to the new requirements, you will be responsible for moving the artists to the Incomplete status and emailing them with instructions for meeting your new requirements. More information on how to send emails to artists can be found here: Emailing Artists.

How do I change the jury type while the call is open and artists have already applied?

The jury type cannot be changed once a call has begun accepting applications. If you believe the jury type was set up in error, please email the CaFÉ team at and we’ll review your case.

Do you have email templates for notifying artists of the jury results?

Yes! We have standard email templates you can use when notifying your artists. Visit the Wrap Up Your Call help guide to view and use these templates as you need.

How do I send a mass email to past artists to announce this year’s event?

We discourage using a closed call’s email list to send general messages from CaFÉ. Instead, we suggest you use a third-party emailer, such as Constant Contact, Mailchimp, or your own email software, for creating promotional announcements. You can download the artists’ contact information spreadsheet for current or archived events to create mailing lists of your own.

How do I change my call from public to invitational?

Invitational calls are for private, invitation only calls. Is your intention to make the call private? If not, leave as-is. If yes, go to the Event Information of your Call Editor. Under Invitational, choose Active and click Save. Once saved, a text box will appear next to the setting. Create a passcode to share with the invited only artists. Click Save again.

NOTE: Artists who have already begun to apply to your event will still be able to apply without the passcode, but no other artists without it will be able to apply.

How do I set up a call with a rolling deadline?

A rolling deadline is used to keep a call open on a rolling basis. Calls can be set up with a rolling deadline by selecting this option on your New Call Form. If you would like to change your application to allow a rolling deadline but have already submitted your New Call Form, please contact us at Rolling deadlines can be kept open for a maximum of 12 months.

How do I edit a previous call and open it for this year?

You may not re-use old calls. If you would like to start a new call, please complete the Client Information Form. Upon receipt, we will verify that your account details are up to date, arrange for payment, and set up your call template.

My juror scored incorrectly and I need to delete or change scores.

Changing and deleting are two different actions. To change a juror’s scores, the juror can return to the scorecard and choose a different score. To do so, they simply need to click on the number of entries under the Scored column, choose a new score for the specific entry, and click Save My Score.

You should not change a juror’s scores in a round if the new score has a different score rating due to an increase/decrease in numeric score values that will alter the results. Instead, you will need to move to a new round and select a new score rating in the new round.

To delete scores in the existing round, click Remove Scores next to the assigned juror’s name in the Jury Administration page. NOTE: The scores will be removed from the averaged scored number if more than one juror is scoring.

How do I collect a fee from invited artists after jurying?

You can use the Confirmation Deadline Date setting together with the Other product type for this purpose. This configuration is typically used to collect participation fees or handle fees from artists who are Invited. To set this up you will need to do the following:

  1. Set artists to the Invited status.
  2. Set Jury Status to Complete.
  3. Next, go to the Event Information tab in your Call Editor.
  4. Activate the Confirmation Deadline and set the date to the future.
  5. Jury Dates need to be set in the past.
  6. Next, go to the Product Editor tab.
  7. Set up a new line in the Product Editor with the type selected as Other.
  8. Enter the cost of the product, and leave 9999 in the Qty.

This setup will allow all invited artists to purchase the Other product. When the artist logs in, they will see the option to Accept or Reject their invitation.

Once the artist accepts, they will go back to their entry and click Purchases. This will take them to the Checkout page where they can select the product, enter 1 as the Quantity, and check out as normal.

How do I make edits to my call after it is published?

While we don’t recommend making changes to the Application Editor after a call has already begun accepting applications, if you need to fix a typo or make changes that don’t materially alter your application, you can edit the existing text in the Event Information or Application Editor tabs of your Call Editor. Be sure to click Save after making your updates.

How do I delete or add custom form questions after the call is live?

We don’t recommend adding or deleting custom form questions after a call has already begun accepting applications. If custom form questions are removed, all artist answers to those questions will be deleted. If you add new questions to the custom form, applications that have already been submitted will be missing the added requirements.

How do I allow early-bird and late entry fees?

To charge early-bird or late entry fees, you’ll just need to manually change the cost of the entry fee on the date in question. To do so, go to the Product Editor tab located within your Call Editor. From there, simply update the cost of the entry fee and click Save. The change will be immediate.

We recommend advertising how and when the entry fee will change in your prospectus. This keeps artists in the loop and encourages them to apply sooner!

How do I charge a fee for one range of images in addition to a different fee for the next range of images?

Please email us at with the details of your proposed pricing structure so that the CaFÉ team can better understand your entry fee needs and offer advice.

How do I charge additional media fees?

If your call is set up as Jury by Artwork, you can do this. On your Product Editor tab, enter the cost of the entry fee. The minimum media allowed, as indicated in your Media Requirements, will be included in this cost. To add the additional media fee, enter a new line in the Product Editor and change the type to Media Fee. This fee will be charged for each additional media upload above your minimum. For example, $10 for 1 minimum entry, $5 for each additional entry up to the maximum.

If your call is set up as Jury by Artist, you cannot charge an additional media fee. This is because this jury format represents a grouping of work samples, as such the whole group of media uploads that are included in the entry fee.

How do I re-jury, re-open, or download media from an archived event?

You will be unable to take these actions once a call is archived. Events are archived for the purpose of closing out all activities associated with that call. As such, they are available to you only for historical reference.

Can CaFÉ post or repost my call on social media?

The CaFÉ team engages our community of users through our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages. Social posts are self selected and are meant to promote the work of WESTAF, our CaFÉ service, and art-related content. We may post a call listing once at no cost, though we cannot guarantee we will and cannot accommodate customized sharing requests.