CaFÉ™ for Public Art

Developed in 2005 to specifically address the arduous paper submission and resource-heavy process that many public art programs have to deal with, CaFÉ has become so much more. Over 3,000 public art call-for-artists later, and thousands of completed public art projects, CaFÉ is the foremost call for entries submission and online jurying solution for the arts and, specifically, the public art field.


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The Cultural House of Cards by David Franklin and Aaron Whelton. 2017. Photo Courtesy of David Franklin

The Public Art Archive™

In 2010 we launched the Public Art Archive (PAA™) our greatest effort to build the largest database of public art in U.S. history – to date anyone can use this free resource to search over 1,300 national (and international!) public art collections, 12K artworks, 35K images by over 63K artists! We’re not done yet. We’ve also added a collection management system to the PAA to help further the work of public art managers and civic art registrars.


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‘Tom Lee Monument by David Clark. 2006. Photo Courtesy of MJ Clark