CaFÉ Promotional E-Blast


Send a promotional e-blast to a targeted group of artists! The e-blast will contain a 200 word (or maximum 1000 character) description of the event, plus the event’s call type, eligibility, state, deadline, fee, organization name, call name, website, your contact email and phone number. The logo from the call editor is already included, or you may provide a JPG or PNG file of your logo (maximum 300 pixels).


130,000 artists and counting!


  • Northeast = 39,000
  • Midwest = 31,000
  • South = 63,000
  • West = 85,000

Note: These numbers are approximate figures and are subject to change.


One e-blast is sent per day (US national holidays excepted). E-blasts are secured on a first come, first served basis.


5 business days.


Rates start at $100 and increase depending on the number of emails sent.



# of Emails Sent:
1 – 9,999



# of Emails Sent:
10,000 – 19,999



# of Emails Sent:
20,000 – 29,999



# of Emails Sent:
30,000 – 39,999



# of Emails Sent:
40,000 – 49,999

Your organization’s logo will be added here!
This information is pulled from the CaFÉ Call Listings.
We can pull in the information you have already entered in CaFÉ or you can send us updated information about your call.
Be sure to include accurate contact information.

Tailor your message.
Target your audience.


Questions? Contact us at

How do I get started?

Prepare a brief and concise description, or you can re-use the short description from the call editor (no more than 1,000 characters). Submit the description to the CaFÉ team for approval. If necessary, the formatting of your description will be edited. The search criteria fields from the call editor will be included in your e-blast. You will be asked to approve the proof before it is finalized. When you are ready to reserve your e-blast, read the terms and conditions, schedule the send date, and submit your payment.

I have not setup or listed my call yet. Can I still send an e-blast?

No. E-blasts are reserved for call listings that are set up, open and accepting applications.

How are artists added to the list? Can I see the list?

Artists must opt-in to receive promotional advertising emails in their CaFÉ™ profile. To comply with our privacy policy, we do not share this list directly with organizations.

How do I choose which artists receive my e-blast?

You choose a geographic location from 50 states, region of the United States or by countries. Plus choose from 30 artistic disciplines.

What days are the e-blasts sent?

One e-blast is sent on Wednesdays and Fridays in the morning or afternoon (excluding holidays). To keep your e-blast exclusive and to avoid overloading artists with emails, only ONE e-blast is sent per day, per organization. Additional terms may apply.

Can I add an attachment to the e-blasts?

No. Rich media, attachments, scripts or automatic downloads are not included.

Can the e-blast be purchased more than once?

Yes. You may purchase any number of the e-blasts.

Can I cancel my e-blast reservation and get a refund?

No. Refunds or credits will not be issued for cancelled e-blast reservations.

Do you track how many emails have been opened?

No. Engagement tracking is not available with this service.

If I change my application deadline date, can you resend my e-blast?

Yes. To resent, you must purchase and reserve a new e-blast. Note: You may not extend the application deadline more than two times within a 12-month period.

If there are typographical, spelling or grammatical errors or mistakes on the approval proof, can I resend my e-blast at no cost?

No. It is the responsibility of the person requesting the e-blast to proofread the text prior to sending. If you wish to resend, you may purchase a new e-blast.