Flexibility to accommodate all types of calls

Customize your call listing

  • Automatic deadline date/time
  • Customize your call listing application with 6 different question types
  • Add your logo and link to your website
  • Determine location eligibility
  • Include your legal agreement
  • Jury by body-of-work or each individual image
  • Move seamlessly from collecting submissions to art adjudication
“Aztec Pavilion” by Poetic Kinetics. 2012. City of El Paso Public Art Collection. Photo courtesy City of El Paso Museums & Cultural Affairs Department.
“Livin’ Together” by Abbie Jane Baron. 2007. City of Santa Monica Cultural Affairs Division Collection. Photo courtesy Abbie Jane Baron.
Simplify your process

Automatically collect entry fees

  • Include up to two different entry fees on your call listing
  • Juried exhibition may charge an additional image fee
  • Entry fees are processed by the CaFÉ system on your behalf
  • CaFÉ accepts Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal
Over 130,000 professional artists use CaFÉ.

Receive the best entries by the best artists

When you create a call for entry on CaFÉ, your call is automatically included on the CaFÉ call listing page. With over 50,000 artists visiting the CaFÉ website every month, the CaFÉ call listing page is the best place to get your call in front of the right audience.

“Vector Space” by Carolyn Braaksma and Brad Kaspari. 2017. Rowan University Collection. Photo courtesy Brycen Fischer Photography.
“Bartholomew County Memorial for Veterans” by Thompson & Rose Architects. 1997. Photo courtesy Richard McCoy and Associates (2014).
Quick and convenient

Communication with applicants

  • Stay in touch with applicants throughout your whole process
  • Create custom email templates
  • Send notifications to applicants by status
  • Easily send deadline reminders and jury results to applicants
Jury anywhere, anytime with

Streamlined art adjudication

  • Assign scorecard permissions
  • Option for blind jury setup
  • Three rating systems: 1) Yes, No, Maybe 2) 1-20 3) 1-7
  • Utilize jurying rounds to quickly cut the lowests scores and proceed to the new round
  • View juror activity right from the jury administration dashboard
“River Bank” by Joan Weissman. 2016. Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport Collection. Photo courtesy Kristopher Decker/Firewater Photography.