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  • Branded header with unique URL
  • Searchable by call type or eligibility
  • Your call description and full details
  • Your rules and terms to apply
  • Your deadline date
  • Your work sample requirements
  • Your application form questions

Blue Mighty Saguaro by Cat De Montjoye. 2021. Photo courtesy of Cat De Montjoye.

Bipolar Butterfly Evelyn Ivy by Kimmy Henderson. 2020. Photo courtesy of Kimmy Henderson.

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  • Uncomplicated call setup and layout
  • Uncomplicated application form editing
  • Uncomplicated entry fee and coupon offerings
  • Uncomplicated jurying rounds and finalist selection
  • Uncomplicated pricing
CaFÉ™ has over 160,000 emerging and established artists seeking opportunities

Find your next photographer, painter, public artist, or artist resident

We’re so much more than a listing service, CaFÉ is the foremost call for entries submission and online jurying solution by and for artists specifically for the arts and the public art field.

Right Image: Uncle Cornelio by Jocelyn Lechuga. 2021.
Photo courtesy of Jocelyn Lechuga.

Receive expertly-guided help

CaFÉ™ has the best customer support for artists and admins

Organizations, receive expertly-guided help to make sure your call setup is a success from beginning to end. Our community of users can get help & support by phone or email.

Left Image: I’m Blue by Cindy Lesperance. 2021. Photo courtesy of Cindy Lesperance.

CaFÉ™ community values

Strengthening the arts fields

At WESTAF we are strongly committed to creating resources to strengthen the arts field and catalyze change. CaFÉ is a service of WESTAF. When you sign-up to use CaFÉ, you are joining a network of organizations and a community of artists that value inclusion, diversity, and shaping cultural life in their communities.

Serenidad by Jade Leyva. 2021. Photo courtesy of Jade Leyva.