Seven Easy Ways to Get Organized on CaFÉ

By November 20, 2019Blog
a desk image with text that reads Get organizaed with CaFE

CaFÉ is more than just a list of opportunities! CaFÉ is designed to help artists stay organized and store all necessary application materials in one space! Here are a few ways CaFÉ can help artists stay organized:

1. Call Listings Filtering, Sorting, and Favorite Features

The CaFÉ Call Listings page allows artists to sort for calls that are relevant to their location, interests, and discipline preferences. If you are an artist with a CaFÉ account, you can select favorite calls to save them for future review.

2. Calendar

Did you know that you can view the CaFÉ Call Listings in a Calendar view? The Calendar view displays opportunities in a visual format. Toggle between a List or Calendar View to see upcoming application deadlines by date. You can click directly from calls listed in the Calendar to see specific organization call details.

a gif of the cafe calendar toggling between the calendar and list view

3. My CaFÉ Entries

Once you have created an artist profile on CaFÉ, your started and submitted applications will appear on your My CaFÉ Entries page! If you apply to a lot of calls, it is important to keep this page organized. Artists have the option to Archive old applications in an effort to keep all current entries separate from past entries. Old entries are never lost in CaFÉ, artists can always go into their Archived Entries to reference previous submissions.

Screenshot of applications in the CaFE portal with the archive button highlighted
a GIF of aa user accessign the My CaFE Entries and My Archived Entries
Screenshot of the CaFE Portfolio highlighting images, audio and video fies

4. Artist Portfolio

The Portfolio feature allows artists to upload all of their artwork to one space. Each image will include the details necessary to apply to calls on CaFÉ. Artists can upload up to 100 images, 6 audio files, and 6 video files to store in their CaFÉ profile and use on future applications!

5. Receive Targeted Emails Just for You

If you opt-in to receive Call Promotion Announcements, you can receive information about calls looking for artists in your specific discipline and location.

Screenshot of the promotional email that is sent out to artists
Screenshot of the deadline emails sent to artists so they don't miss an app deadline

6. Deadline Reminders

With CaFÉ, you will never miss an application deadline!If you start an application in your CaFÉ artist account but need to stop and come back later, the CaFÉ system will send you automatic deadline reminders!

7. Bi-weekly Notification

On a bi-weekly basis, CaFÉ curates email notifications for artists that include a current list of upcoming deadlines. These emails allow you to organize your application schedule and navigate directly to the calls you are most interested in applying to! Choose to opt-in to Opportunity Notifications so you will never miss a deadline again!

an example of what the biweekly notification looks like