Who do I Contact for Help?

Contact the Organization for Application-Specific Inquiries:

  • Questions about deadline extensions and late-submission allowance.
  • Questions about refunding an entry or to withdraw a submitted application.
  • Questions about eligibility or requirements that are not answered in the listing description.
  • Questions about the jury results and timeline for notifications.
  • More information about the organization commissioning the call.
  • To edit or make changes to your application after you have submitted it.
  • Contact information for the organization commissioning the call is included on the Call Detail page on every listing. From the call listing detail, you can click on contact event to send the organization an email.

Contact CaFÉ Help for Website-Specific Inquiries:

  • Support with uploading media or questions about system specifications.
  • Errors on the website preventing you from completing an action.
  • Assistance with a website feature or understanding website options.
  • If the CaFÉ website is inaccessible. Contact CaFÉ.