Help With Refunds or Payments on CaFÉ

Entry Fees Paid by Credit or Debit Card

When you use a credit/debit card to pay on CaFÉ, the charge will display as CAFE AR or on your credit card statement.

Refund of Entry Fees

Since each call sponsor establishes their own entry fees, questions about a call’s refund policy are best answered by the call sponsor. You will find the call sponsor contact information in the call listing description. If the call sponsor chooses to issue a refund, they will contact the CaFÉ team.

It is important that you hold onto your receipt in the event that you have an issue with a transaction. The subject line of each emailed receipt will be: WESTAF CaFÉ: Confirmation Receipt. Please be aware that some organizations have a non-refundable clause.

Disputing an Entry Fee Payment

When you apply to a call for entry and pay for your entry fee through CaFÉ, we are collecting the money and distributing the funds to the arts organization. In all cases, except for the calls that do not charge artists to apply, you are paying a fee to be juried and/or for your application to be processed by the event; this does not guarantee your acceptance into the event. Application entry fees are almost always non-refundable.

If you issue a payment dispute through your bank or PayPal for an entry you’ve paid on CaFÉ, this initiates the chargeback process and we will contact you to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. We will also notify the call sponsor who can then decide to withdraw or pause your submission while the dispute is in progress.

To request a refund, please contact the arts organization or the call sponsor to which you applied first. Payment disputes can take over 60 days to resolve. You may also contact CaFÉ support to discuss your situation. We’re happy to assist.

Chargeback Fraud

Intentionally or knowingly initiating disputes through your financial institution in an attempt to receive a refund for a service that you have already received is fraudulent and may result in restricted access to CaFÉ.