Our Mission

CaFÉ strives to make art opportunities available to all by offering arts organizations an affordable submission platform and artists an easy way to apply.

Artwork is listed in order of appearance from left to right:

Untitled by Davina Hallie. 2021. Photo courtesy of Davina Hallie. | The Gathering by Jody Chapel. 2020. Photo courtesy by Jody Chapel. | Still remains by Brian Mitchell. 2018. Photo courtesy of Brian Mitchell. | Story of a boat person by Thu Nguyen. 2020. Photo courtesy of Thu Nguyen. | Migration Journey by Phil Dynan. 2021. Photo courtesy of Phil Dynan. | I Want to Hold You Like You’re Mine by Abigail Venlet. 2021. Photo courtesy of Abigail Venlet. | Pretty Dancer by Daniel Merkowitz-Bustos. 2021. Photo courtesy of Daniel Merkowitz-Bustos. | Colossus vs the Prairie by Mark Weller. 2021. Photo courtesy of Mark Weller. | Peak to Peak I by Angela Chambliss. 2021. Photo courtesy of Angela Chambliss. | The Burial of the Dead by Frederick Dallas. 2020. Photo by William Bozargani. | Sunrise by Katy Bishop. 2021. Photo courtesy of Katy Bishop. | Circles #36 by Michele Hardy. 2021. Photo courtesy of Michele Hardy. | Pndmc by Laurie Satizabal. 2020. Photo courtesy of Laurie Satizabal. | The Second of Its Kind by Joha Harrison. 2021. Photo courtesy of Joha Harrison. | Decline Denial by Amy Bumpus. 2020. Photo by Ben Blankenburg. | Arke’s Sister Multiplied by Virginia Primozic. 2018. Photo by Carr Imaging. | The Artist by Joshua Mokry. 2020. Photo courtesy of Joshua Mokry. | Day at the Circus by Robert Reinhardt. 2021. Photo courtesy of Robert Reinhardt. | Books136CoronaAmerican by Irmari Nacht. 2020. Photo courtesy of Irmari Nacht. | Shard by Celine Gauchey. 2021. Photo by Celine Gauchey. | Remnants 0 by Janet Lucroy. 2021. Photo courtesy of Janet Lucroy. | La Sangea Llama by Denise Zubizarreta. 2021. Photo courtesy of Denise Zubizarreta. | The Origen of Opposites by Cie Hoover. 2021. Photo courtesy of Cie Hoover. | En Pointe by Suzanne Barton. 2020. Photo courtesy of Suzanne Baton.

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