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Media Images: 1

Entry Fee (MAYK): $15.00

MAYK is a totally new way to share and discover art. It’s the best way to show your work, get and give instant feedback, and better understand the impact your work has on the world around it. If you like the arts and design you’ll love MAYK.

Why Creatives use MAYK:
These are just a few:
-A new way to share their work
-Meaningful engagement
-The opportunity to sell their work (not required)
-Launch new work or products
-Brand building
-Product development
-Discover insights
-R&D and market understanding
-Become more social
-Road mapping
-Who didn't enjoy "Show and Tell" in grade school?

1 professional image that best represents your work.
Title of Work
Short Description
Pricing information (if choosing to sell an item)

U.S. Artists only.
Must be 18 years of age or older to sell items on MAYK.

Is there a fee to enter?
There is a $15 entry fee.

If artwork is accepted:
All Artists who are invited to show their work on MAYK will be notified via email with the opportunity to add additional information for selling.
To learn more, check out /EnterWork.

First, Second, and Third place will be given based on overall scores. Awarded work will be shown in the MAYK GALLERY.

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