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City of Albuquerque: Ladera Heights RFQ
Albuquerque Public Art Program
Cultural Services Department
PO BOX 1293
Albuquerque, NM 87102

Entry Deadline: 8/13/14
Application Closed


Images - Minimum: 5, Maximum: 8
Total Media - Minimum: 5, Maximum: 8

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The Albuquerque Arts Board, the Parks and Recreation Department and the Ladera Heights Art Selection Committee have initiated a 1% for Art project for Albuquerque’s’ North West quadrant, City Council District 1. Located at St. Joseph Ave. and Ladera Drive, NW

PROJECT INTENT:  The Ladera Heights Art Selection Committee and the Albuquerque Arts Board seek a permanent artwork to be located at St. Josephs Avenue and Ladera Drive.   The Ladera Heights Art Selection committee anticipates submissions that acknowledge the site and the area. 

SITE:  Consideration of the immediate environment will be a part of the artist’s challenge as he/she considers creating an artwork that responds to this site. See attached images for the site context.

MEDIA/STYLE/SIZE: All material considerations for this project should allow for a “low-impact” sensibility; it is important that the artist carefully consider the local setting and weigh the long term impact that proposed media would have on the immediate environment.  The scale of the artwork should be appropriate to the site, and appropriate to the neighborhood.  Durability and minimal, routine maintenance will be desirable aspects of the successful proposal. Vandalism has been a problem in the past and the artwork will need to be designed in consideration of that reality.  The life span of this work of art should be not less than 15 years.

 PROJECT FUNDS: $60,000 is available to commission a constructed and installed work of Art for the Ladera Heights Neighborhood.   The source of funds for this project: Albuquerque - 1% for Art – Parks and Recreation. These funds provide for artist design and fabrication, transport, installation including all needed equipment, supervision of installation, and all construction permits related to installation. 

SELECTION PROCESS: This is a regional, open competition, RFQ for all artists and/or artist teams.  The Art Selection Committee will offer a stipend for preliminary design concepts from a set of finalists not to exceed 5; or at the discretion of the Art Selection Committee, the committee reserves the right to select a single artist and/or artist team from the original submissions from the RFQ.  Stipend funds of $1000 per selected finalist are available.

 Eligibility:  This project is open to artist/artist teams residing in New Mexico, Arizona, Texas and Colorado. 

Submission Materials – Artists must submit the following items for the project:


  1. A letter of intent, not to exceed 1000 words, discussing your approach to the site, its context, and potential opportunities you may explore in executing your artwork.
  2. Up to 8 (eight) digital images of past work that would be suitable as indicators of your experience and aesthetic choices.  If you have completed successful public artworks, they would be helpful (though not necessary) for the committee to review.
  3. An annotated image key, clearly labeled with your name and a numerical listing for each image, the title of the work, the media, the dimensions and year of completion.
  4. A current resume including statements regarding your artwork/art education or CV. If you are submitting as part of a team, please include separate resume and statements for each individual.

QUESTIONS/FOLLOW UP:  Questions about the project may be directed to Matt Carter at the Albuquerque Public Art Program (505) 768-3804 or email: