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Call Detail

"Big Money" Show

Entry Deadline: 10/11/18
Days remaining to deadline: 54
Number of Applications Allowed: 3


Media Images: 1

Entry Fee (Big Money Show): $38.00

JF Gallery is pleased to announce the first installment of our new yearly show, entitled Big Money

Artists are encouraged to use their creative disciplines to paint, draw or cut on a one dollar bill for an exhibit that will merge your art style with the common thread of a dollar as your canvas or collaborator. We encourage artists from all disciplines—graffiti, street art, abstract expressionist, hyper realism, paper cutting, screen printing, etc.—to be a part of this eclectic and modern exhibit.  All mediums are allowed. Piece must remain the size of a dollar bill.  All entries must use a real U.S. dollar. Each submission will be for one piece. Artists may enter up to three submissions.All pieces will be for sale on opening night for $250 each and a 60% commission will be paid to the artist. 

Submission: Please submit an image representing your art style or a mock-up of what you intend to create for exhibit.

Exhibit runs October 28th through November 17th. The artist reception will be held on November 10th from 6-9pm.

Artists whose works are accepted will be notified via email or phone by October 15rth 
Accepted works may be withheld from exhibition at the Juror's discretion. This option
is seldom exercised, however, in order to insure the quality of the exhibition it must
be maintained. Accepted works must remain on exhibit for the duration of the Exhibit NO EXCEPTIONS

Accepted works may be hand delivered or shipped PRE-PAID by October 22st. The Artist will assume payment for return shipment. Artists should insure their work during transit. Although all responsible care will be exercised, JF Gallery cannot be responsible for any loss or damage in shipping or while on exhibit. Sending an entry shall limply an agreement on the part of the sender to the conditions set forth in this prospectus.

JF Gallery is not responsible for artwork left unclaimed. JF will take a 30% commission on art sold during exhibit.