Call Detail

Nine Dot Arts Artist Database

Entry Deadline: 12/8/14
Application Closed
Number of Applications Allowed: 5


Images - Minimum: 10, Maximum: 20
Total Media - Minimum: 10, Maximum: 20

Nine dot Arts’ artist database is internally used by our team of art consultants. After an extensive visual preference survey is given to our clients we refer to our database to choose the most appropriate art to present.

What are we looking for?

We present work in all styles and mediums including paintings, prints, photography, sculpture, ceramics, textiles, and other art media. We typically place larger works (i.e. 20” x 20” and larger) of art because corporate spaces have very large walls. However, smaller series of works can be used in multiples. There are three subject matters we rarely work with. They are nudes, strong political tones, and religious iconography. If your work consists solely of any of these please reconsider applying to this call.

Who can apply?

Everyone is welcome to apply. This is a rolling call for entry and will not have a deadline.

What are the requirements?

• Minimum of 10 images of work created in the past two years • Pricing structure or price list (Nine dot Arts works similar to a gallery with a 50/50 retail split. Please indicate if your pricing is your net price or the retail price) • Artist statement • Contact information

Is there a fee?

There is NO fee to submit your work to Nine dot Arts and NO fees if you are accepted.

Terms & Conditions

Submissions: submissions are only accepted through Café. We will not accept submissions through email or mail. Shipping of art: the artist is responsible for shipping any artwork to Nine dot Arts. Nine dot Arts will pay for the return shipping if needed. Consignment: everyone is required to fill out a consignment sheet for any work on loan and in Nine dot Arts’ possession. Drop off & Pick up: if artwork is requested for a client presentation the artist is responsible for transporting the work to and from the Nine dot Arts’ office. (For local artists only) Payment: in the event that your work is sold through Nine dot Arts you will be asked to submit an invoice and W-9. Nine dot Arts pays artists 30 days after receipt of payment from the client. Pricing: Nine dot Arts splits the retail price of artwork 50/50 with the artist. Nine dot Arts is compensated through this pricing structure and never marks pricing above retail. Therefore, it is critical that the artists keep their retail pricing consistent throughout all venues (i.e. co-ops, galleries, studio, websites, etc.). Contracts and Representation: Nine dot Arts has no contracts with artists and does not represent artists. All artists in our database are free to sell to and through anyone.

How to apply:

Applicants are allowed a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20 images per application. Multiple applications may be utilized by artists with more than 20 images and/or artists with more than 1 discipline. (maximum 5 applications per artist) 1) Register with CaFE first or login for existing users 2) Upload images in Manage Images that you will be applying with for all the applications, or upload as needed 3) Choose Apply to Calls 4) Locate the NINE dot ARTS artist database call in the list, read description 5) Click Apply to this Call 6) Complete the application requirements, choosing 10-20 images 7) Checkout to finalize the application Continue for applicants who wish to have multiple applications: 8) Return to Apply to Calls or click on the call name in My CaFE Entries. 9) Locate the Nine dot Arts artist database call in the list 10) Click Apply Again to this Call 11) Complete the application requirements, choosing 10-20 images 12) Checkout to finalize the application 13) An application ID# is assigned to each of your entries for ease of tracking. What to expect after you apply: You will not receive an email from Nine DOT Arts confirming your application was received. To confirm your application was received, you will notice your status will change to "roster". This status change will occur within the week you apply. If your status does not change, please contact the office for support. The roster status allows us to access your information, but also allows you to make changes to your application and apply to other calls. When your application is in the "received" status it does not permit either function. Please note that the status of your application may frequently change. The website requires us to change your status when we want to review submissions for projects. Your change in status does not indicate any permanent changes in our database. All artists are part of the database unless we directly communicate to you otherwise. Our team meets once a month to review accepted artist’s submissions. If we are interested in presenting your work to a client or have any questions on your application we will contact you directly. We do request that you not contact the office about your application or results from the review. In the future, if you would like to make us aware of your new artwork, please create a new application on CaFÉ. You are able to submit up to five applications to our call. If you are a gallery interested in working with Nine dot Arts please contact us at