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Emeryville Marina Public Art Request for Qualifications
1333 Park Avenue
Emeryville, CA 94608

Entry Deadline: 12/8/17
Application Closed


Images - Minimum: 6, Maximum: 12
Total Media - Minimum: 6, Maximum: 12

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The City of Emeryville (City) Art in Public Places Program (AiPP)   is seeking an experienced artist, or artist-led team to develop an artwork for the Emeryville Marina. This artwork will be the first commission under the City’s Public Art Master Plan and one of over 200 pieces installed by the City or its private developers in the more than 25 years of the Emeryville Art in Public Places program.  The City is seeking a permanent iconic image within the constraints of a harsh marine environment and  the regulatory constraints of the Bay Area Development and Conservation Commission.

The City  is seeking artist and design professionals to submit qualifications for design and implementation an original public art project at the Emeryville Marina of the City's western shoreline. now under construction. The Marina is an often over looked gateway to the city and public art could welcome visitors arriving by boat and deepen the pride of locals. Preservation of existing views will be a significant consideration.  Artist or artists may propose installations in any or all of three key locations on the project site. The public areas of Marina Park on the Northwest corner of the Marina have been prioritized for public art. Constraints such as significant wind, limited power access, surface(s) may be impacted by dirt, competing sites uses and sea level rise.  Commission is for $150,000 – any media may be proposed.

Project Goals
Elements of the Marina Public Art project may include:

An iconic image for Emeryville unique to the setting and of a scale and quality to be a memorable image, evocative of Emeryville. 

Enhancment of public awareness of and respect for the shoreline, including its diverse uses and users, natural habitat and biodiversity.   

A landmark that welcomes visitors by boat and trail and deepens the pride in place of local residents.

A kinetic or engage-able/climb-able pieces for residents and visitors while highlighting the site, the environment and the unique vista points.

Commission is for $150,000 – any media may be proposed.