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Call Detail

Mural Project at the Emeryville Greenway
1333 Park Avenue
Emeryville, CA 94608

Entry Deadline: 11/30/17
Application Closed
Number of Applications Allowed: 20


Images - Minimum: 1, Maximum: 12
Total Media - Minimum: 1, Maximum: 12

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Emeryvilleis a small, vibrant, city located between Berkeley and Oakland. The City connects east to west at the eastern foot of the San Francisco Bay Bridge and is a regional retail destination as well as headquarters of a number of companies in high- tech, biotech, film, new media, culinary and the fine arts. Its residential population of just under 12,000 includes an ethnically and culturally diverse mix of people. Emeryville has a unique production-oriented cultural arts district (which recently received a coveted State of California Cultural District designation). Our community has a large number of artists who live and work in older industrial properties that have been converted to live/work spaces.

The City of Emeryville invites California-based artists, as individuals or teams, to submit proposals for the design and implementation of a public art mural project at the Emeryville Greenway; Powell to Stanford segment. This new segment of the greenway is located in the central part of the City where a wide variety of uses come together at one of the City’s primary intersections. The site is visible from multiple intersections and from auto, bicycle, and pedestrian viewpoints, and therefore presents a unique opportunity for artists to highlight this key location in the heart of Emeryville.

The City of Emeryville is home to a well-known artist community that hosts the annual Emeryville Celebration of the Arts event. Consequently, your artwork will be viewed by a wide variety of visitors including those who are visiting the City for a day of enjoying its spectacular views of the Bay, shopping, doing business, picnicking, attending bicycle events, jogging, walking or visiting to attend the month-long annual Celebration of the Arts. The primary automobile point of access from the larger region is via Interstate 80 at Powell Street, but several other points of access exist for vehicular, bicycle and pedestrian visitors. Public improvements for the Greenway are currently anticipated to include: a functioning windmill, a multi-modal pathway, seating areas, green (trellis) walls, and landscaping. The Broken Rack also anticipates improvements to their building such as awnings, overhead lighting and low fencing installations and seating either immediately adjacent to or as part of the improvements to the wall(s). Consequently, the proposed plans will need to consider those improvements as part of the project context. See Attachment 3 (Draft Plans; Broken Rack Remodel) included with the RFP document.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: November 30, 2017 See Application Procedures as provided in the RFP document posted online at (see Newsflash section for link at bottom of home page) or contact staff member Emi Theriault directly at