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Its Elementary
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Silverthorne, CO 80498

Entry Deadline: 9/25/17
Application Closed


Images - Minimum: 1, Maximum: 8
Total Media - Minimum: 1, Maximum: 8

Entry Fee (It's Elementary): $10.00

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Art Exhibit @ the Silverthorne Performing Arts Center


Recognizing the power of arts and culture to create a vibrant community, the Town of Silverthorne and the Lake Dillon Theatre Company formed a partnership to design and construct the Silverthorne Performing Arts Center (SPAC), a new 9 million dollar facility that serves as the community’s anchor for arts and culture.  From the beginning of design, the SPAC was intended to not only host high quality performance art, but to also display physical art that attracts visitors to the space, encourages community gathering and adds to the vibrancy of Silverthorne’s downtown.  The SPAC is located at the intersection of Blue River Parkway and 4th Street in Silverthorne, Colorado. 



Entries must complement the exhibition theme, It’s Elementary; art expressed through the elements that shape our world.  Ancient cultures believed that everything is made up of the elements: earth, water, air and fire.  Art selected for the exhibit will explore, savor or interact with these elements in various forms. 


Chosen works will be placed in the SPAC lobby and education corridor.  Unique and high quality art is sought that inspires wonder, resonates with the community and enhances the experiences of all who visit the SPAC.


All selected work must be delivered to the SPAC the week of November 5.  Artist is responsible for arrangement of artwork transportation and delivery. 


Artwork must be created offsite and ready for display upon delivery.  This includes appropriate framing, mounting, hanging brackets, etc. 



September 25                    Entry deadline

October 6                           Artists notified of selections 

October 13                         Contracts signed

Week of November 5         Art installed

Nov 2017-Feb 2018           Art displayed



The honorarium for each artist selected is $200.  If an artist’s work is chosen for more than one exhibit space, there will be a $200 honorarium for each location.  If the jurors assemble an exhibit space that includes more than one artist, each artist will receive a $200 honorarium.  Exception:  if a collection of artists apply with one collaborative application, there will be only one, $200 honorarium granted to the collaborative group.       



Expenses beyond the honorarium may be eligible for reimbursement from the Town.  Expenses must be pre-approved by the Town and may include shipping or transportation of artwork, travel, meals and/or lodging expenses for the artist that are directly related to the project.



Artists are encouraged to work with the Town to participate in a First Friday event or create an educational session for the community related to his or her work and/or exhibition.  The topic and approach of the session will be decided as appropriate for the artist.  A stipend of $120 per artist will be paid for arranging an educational session. 


An artist reception may also be arranged to unveil the new exhibit.  Artists who attend the reception and interact with attendees will be paid a stipend of $120.



Exhibited work can be for sale if the artist chooses.  A 10% commission will be paid to the Town for artwork that is sold during the exhibition.   



Printed information will be displayed listing the artist and materials.  A price for purchase may be included if the piece is for sale.


Furthermore, the Town may announce the exhibition through paid advertisements in local media, press releases, and cooperative marketing with Lake Dillon Theatre Company or other Town partners.  



The artwork should be safe for display in a public facility that hosts users of all ages. 



Lobby (Floor or Pedestal)

1.      High traffic area, visible upon entrance to the facility

2.      Cannot be affixed to floor, must be placed directly on floor and may not scuff floor surface, which is polished aggregate concrete.  May also be placed on a pedestal

3.      Maximum dimensions 7’ H x 3’ L x 3’ W

4.      Will be viewed from 3 sides; will be placed adjacent to a black charred wood wall


Lobby (Ceiling Hanging)

1.      High traffic area, visible upon entrance to the facility

2.      Four 3/8” screw anchors installed in ceiling.  Each screw able to hold 200 lbs. of vertical weight.  Use of hanging racks or other mechanisms should be described in proposals.

3.      Maximum dimensions, see diagram in floor/site plan image. 

4.      Artwork, when in final hanging position, must be at least 12 feet from floor.  It may be possible for some parts of an installation to hang as low as 10 feet from floor, with approval.

5.      If piece requires power, please indicate the amount of power needed and the location of the plug, length of cord, etc.


Education Corridor (Wall Hanging)

1.      High traffic area, visible along 5’6” wide hallway that leads to a classroom and The Lab performance space

2.      Finished drywall surface with hanging system

3.      Adjustable ceiling mounted LED lighting available with adjustable lighting

4.      Total display area is 8’ H x 44’ L



What if I don’t have enough art to fill an entire exhibit area? 

Artists with smaller works, or a smaller number of works that would not fill an exhibit on its own, can still apply.  The jurors may assemble an exhibit that combines more than one artist in a display area.  Or, they may feature only one artist in an area.  Therefore, artists with smaller pieces or collections should still apply.


Can I collaborate with other artists?

Yes.  Two or more artists that submit a proposal with works that are offered to be displayed together will be considered.  Please submit a collaborated proposal under one lead artist’s name.  Please be aware that submittals such as this will be considered as proposed, as collaboration.  Therefore, individual artists that are part of a collaborative proposal will not be considered individually.


What if I am not available for the posted installation dates? 

If you are not available during the week of November 5th, you are welcome to send someone on your behalf for the installation.  If that is not an option, please note that in your proposal and indicate the date you are available.  Alternate dates BEFORE the week of November 5th may be considered.  Dates AFTER the week of November 5th will not be considered.



To submit the best possible application, artists can find more information about the Town of Silverthorne’s art initiatives and Lake Dillon Theatre Company at the following places.


Silverthorne Arts and Culture Strategic Plan

search: government, key town documents


Lake Dillon Theatre Company Strategic Plan

search: about LDTC, strategic plan