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Mural on MLK Blvd

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The City of Pompano Beach will commission an artist/artist team for the design and installation of a mural that will be located on Saxon & Wall Supermarket located at 321 NW 3rd Ave, also known as Esther Rolle Ave. This mural must reflect the history of Northwest Pompano creating a timeline representing the past to the present and will generate awareness of the arts and create a positive economic impact for the community where the mural is located.


The artist will design a mural with a strong presence. The mural should tell a story and enhance the aesthetic and cultural value of the City and the community in which it is located. The mural design should have an Afrocentric theme and reflect the history of Northwest Pompano. The design should cohesively blend the history of agriculture, politics, culture and community. The materials, design and palette must stand up to local weather and be amenable to ongoing maintenance.

No logos, words, specific historic figures or mascots are to be used. The selected artist must apply an anti-graffiti coat to the finished product. 


The selected wall is located near Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in the heart of the traditional African American community of Pompano Beach and is within the Northwest Community Redevelopment Agency (NW CRA). The NW CRA represents about 22% of land in the City. THE NW CRA has high, family owned and neighborhood oriented residential uses and is an important partner in the stabilization of neighborhoods and attracting new commercial and industrial development.

Some important landmarks and historical figures include, but are not limited to:

The Ely Educational Museum, Apollo Park, the Historic Ali Cultural Center, Eta Nu Education Center, Blanch Ely High School, Mitchell Moore Park, E. Pat Larkins Community Center, Bethel AME Church, Hotel Grisham and actress Esther Rolle.


The mural will be located on an exterior wall of Saxon & Wall Supermarket located at 321 NW 3rd Ave., also known as Esther Rolle Ave. The wall is 43 ft. long by 9.5 ft. tall and textured. See image below, mural location is designated with the red lines/box. Image under "Floor/Site Plan Image".


Staff will review and inspect the design in person during installation periods once the artist/design is selected and approved. During these reviews, Staff will make suggestions on the design and application of the mural that the artist will then follow.

Selected artist will be required to create a timelapse video of the mural as it develops.

The selected artist will have 30 days to complete the mural.


The selected Artist will receive $9,400. The price will include all taxes and fees as well as any equipment the artist may need to complete the mural (i.e. cherry picker, paint, etc.). An anti-graffiti coat must be applied by the artist.


The project is open to tri-county professional visual artist with experience implementing their ideas and work in the public realm, Broward County artists will be preferred. Applicants must have mural experience. Artist or Professional Artist means a practitioner in the visual arts, generally recognized by critics and peers as a professional of serious intent and ability, income realized through the sole commission of artwork and frequent or consistent art exhibitions. Artists are NOT eligible who are immediate family or business partners of members of the Public Art Committee or program staff.


The artist will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Appropriateness of the mural design to the site and theme;
  • Quality of the artwork; and
  • Experience of the artist.


In 2012, the Pompano Beach City Commission adopted a public art ordinance to “enhance the aesthetic and cultural value of the city by including works of art on public properties within the city.” The City Commission seeks “benefits of public art that are both aesthetic and economic.” For more information on what is planned over the next ten year period, please refer to the Public Art Masterplan that is located at