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City of Alamosa Art on Loan Program- 2017 Alamosa Artscape
City Manager's Office
300 Hunt Ave.
Alamosa, CO 81101

Entry Deadline: 1/30/17
Application Closed
Number of Applications Allowed: 3


Images - Minimum: 1, Maximum: 3
Total Media - Minimum: 1, Maximum: 3

The City of Alamosa is accepting entries for the first annual “Alamosa Artscape” Art on Loan Program. This public art program is open to all professional and amateur artists. Artists may submit up to three works. Judging will take place on February 15, 2017,  and 10  pieces will be selected based on their originality and suitability for outdoor display. Submissions are recommended to be more than two feet in height and valued at no more than $25,000.  Applications are due by January 30, 2017.

The 2017 unveiling  marks the first year Alamosa will conduct the “Alamosa Artscape” public art display.  Public art instills meaning;  a greater sense of identity and understanding of where we live, work, and visit – creating memorable experiences for all.  Alamosa seeks to display 10 pieces of artwork throughout the downtown in the first year of the program. Artwork will remain on display for a one year period. Throughout the display period, community members will be asked to vote for a “People’s Choice Award.” A prize of $1,000 will be awarded to the Artist whose work is selected.

Terms and Conditions

The artist will deliver the artwork to the installation site on June 3, 2017.

The artwork will be loaned to the City of Alamosa for a one year period.

If the artwork is sold as a result of being on display, the artist will pay the City of Alamosa 20% of the sale price as a commission.

The artwork must be secured and tamper proof on a steel plate to be securely welded on a 24” round pedestal unless noted otherwise as in the case of life-sized sculptures.

The City of Alamosa will be responsible for the installation of the artwork with the assistance of the artist at a location selected by the City.

The artwork must require little to no maintenance.

The City of Alamosa will insure the artwork during the display period against vandalism, theft, or damage to the artwork caused by motor vehicles. The City will not be liable for any degradation to the artwork caused by normal wear and tear or weathering.

The City of Alamosa will work to promote and advertise the Artwork throughout the display period.  Promotion will begin the weekend of the installation with an event where artists can meet one another and the public is invited.

The Artist will be paid a $750 honorarium upon delivery by the City of Alamosa, and two nights lodging at a local hotel on the night prior to installation and night of installation and reception.

Alamosa Artscape Checklist

Artists Will Provide

o   Photos of the Artwork (1 front, 1 back, 1 detail photo)

o   Title of work

o   Year work was created

o   If work is unfinished, photos of two finished pieces

o   Medium/Materials

o   Dimensions of artwork (height, width, depth, and base mounting plate dimension)

o   Weight of artwork

o   Value of piece for insurance purposes (cannot exceed $25,000)   

o   Transportation - delivery and pick up of the piece to site of installation on specified date

Requirements for Artist and Artwork

o   Artwork must require little to no maintenance

o   Artwork must have the ability to withstand harsh outdoor elements

o   Artwork must be for sale

o   If artwork is a replica, a listing of all other locations of piece must be provided

o   Commission of 20% must be paid to the City of Alamosa if artwork is sold

o   Artwork must remain on display for full year

o   Artwork must be attached to a steel plate to allow piece to be welded to a 24” round by 34” tall pedestal unless noted otherwise as in the case of life-sized sculptures

 o   Submissions are recommended to be more than two feet in height.

The City of Alamosa Will Provide

o   $750 honorarium will be paid to artist for all pieces selected upon delivery

o   Insurance for display period from theft, vandalism, collision from vehicles

o   Marketing/promotion of piece throughout display period

o   People’s Choice Award to artwork receiving most votes from public ($1,000)

o   Two nights lodging in local hotel on night prior to installation and night of installation and reception

 o   Installation of the piece with assistance from the Artist

IMPORTANT: This application represents ONE artwork, with 3 images of the work. One full view, one back view, and one detail view. If you wish to enter additional artworks, checkout and submit the first application, then return to "Apply to Calls" and choose APPLY AGAIN TO THIS CALL. Repeat the process for up to  3  applications total.