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Edge Gallery Seeking New Members
Edge Gallery
3658 Navajo Street
Denver, CO 80211

Entry Deadline: 8/27/17
Days remaining to deadline: 92
Number of Applications Allowed: 3


Images - Minimum: 0, Maximum: 10
Audio - Minimum: 0, Maximum: 3
Video - Minimum: 0, Maximum: 3
Total Media - Minimum: 3, Maximum: 10

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EDGE Gallery has 5 openings for new, full member artists for our new gallery space in Prism Workspaces, 999 Vallejo.  As one of Denver's preeminant alternative galleries, we are looking for serious experimental and contemporary artists interested in pushing the boundaries of their medium and/or subject matter with a coherent body of work.  Final deadline for membership interviews and presentions is Sunday Aug. 27, 2017.

Until the application deadline , interviews and presentations will be scheduled for the last Sunday morning of each month, before our regular business meetings. Or until membership is filled at 20 members. 

MFAs, BFAs, and Outsiders with non-tradtional backgrounds and a demonstrable track record working in any visual art medium are welcome to apply. New grads to experienced artists. Conceptual installations to painting and sculpture to new media to ?.

Wordpress/social media, mailchimp and marketing skills are a plus in helping to contribute to the operation of our co-op.

Background: EDGE is a contemporary, non-profit, co-op art gallery dedicated to artists outside the domain of tradtional commercial art venues. Because of our business model, we have the freedom to pursue more experimental modes of expression. Our primary objectives are to celebrate individuality and uniqueness, and to maintain our intensity and integrity in addressing the multiplicity of approaches, themes, subject matter and materials in contemporary art.

We are a friendly and supportive member-run cooperative with monthly membership dues, so all members must have a gallery job or work on a committee and sit required gallery hours.  The number of sitting hours varies depedning on the membership numbers.

After leaving our historic location of 30 years on Navajo St., where we were instrumental in establishing and presenting cutting edge art for the Denver region, we are excited to have found a new home. Prism Workspaces, located just over the 8th ave viaduct from the Santa Fe arts district and is also a member of the Santa Fe arts district.

 Our grand opening All Edge Member Exhibition will launch First Friday, June 2, in our 1300 sq ft gallery space, along with Prism Workspaces Open Studios event that draws hundreds of visitors. Apply now to be a member and part of our opening exhibition!

Member benefits and requirements:

Full Membership: $75/month  
One solo show/year in half of the main gallery in a major Denver alternative gallery.
Part of a supportive community of artists and active player in the Denver arts scene with opportunities for networking and developing portfolios/resumes.
Publicity for your show in local media and social media (in addition to your own mailing list). 
Opportunity to participate in group shows.
Must fulfill a specific number of required sitting hours per years (determined by number of members), with emphasis on sitting during your own show and filling in for community or group shows. 
Must attend at least 9 monthly meetings per year. 
Must hold a gallery “job” on one of our committees, such as PR, community show, building, website, social media, etc. 

Shared Full Membership:  $75/month 
A shared full membership accommodates artists who may not be able to afford the monthly dues or are seeking a collaborative alternate model. Two to three artists may share a Full membership and must apply together. The artists split the monthly dues as they see fit and they will split the allotted space. Each member must still hold a gallery job and sit the minimum number of days. If applying for shared membership please indicate this on the application and include info for all artists.

Other info:
Upon acceptance members must pay 2 months dues. (2nd month dues may be used for the final month of membership if one months notice is given.) 
Must pay refundable $5 key deposit
Must pay dues on time at the end of each month
Meetings are held the last Sunday of each month at 10:30 a.m.

How to Apply:
1. Applicants are encouraged to visit our website and check out the current member artists and recent shows at

2. Complete the CAFE application here at with 3-10 images, artist statement, bio and/or resume, brief description of work, why you want to be a member of Edge and skills you can bring to Edge. 

We encourage artists to show a body of work and evolution of  concepts or processes in the past couple years. 

3. Send questions regarding membership to Dennis Pippen, or Mala Setaram-Wolfe Co-Presidents

4. Please notify either Dennis or Mala (above) when you'd like to present to the membership.

5. All finalists will be invited to present their work in-person before the EDGE artist membership.  Applicants are given 10 minutes to present images and/or actual work to discuss with the membership. 

6. If accepted, artists will be notified within one week of interview. A new member orientation will be provided for new artists.