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Downtown Spokane Mural Projects: Request for Proposals
Spokane Arts
PO Box 8737
Spokane WA 99203

Entry Deadline: 4/10/15
Application Closed


Images - Minimum: 1, Maximum: 10
Total Media - Minimum: 1, Maximum: 10

Entry Fee (Spokane Arts Fund: Downtown Spokane Mural Projects: Request for Proposals Entry Fee): $10.00

Spokane Arts
Downtown Spokane Mural Project
Deadline April, 8th, 2014
Various downtown railroad underpass locations:
Wall, Howard, Maple and Browne.
I.                    Eligibility
Open to Spokane-area artists or artist teams. Priority will be given to artists/teams with roots in the Inland Northwest. Please do not apply if you do not live in this region.
II.                  Budget
·         $1500 artist stipend per mural site for Wall and Howard Locations (both sides)
·         $1750 artist stipend per site for Maple (both sides) and Browne location (west wall only)
·         Additional materials, equipment, insurance, site preparation and permitting costs covered.
III.                 Call Details  
Spokane Arts seeks to provide the area’s visual artists with an opportunity to develop mural projects that will encourage progressive attitudes toward visual communication in public spaces, fostering a sense of ownership and community interactivity in the railroad underpasses.
The successful proposal will:
·         Acts as a catalyst for discussion or action toward a renewed level of interactivity and community involvement in the downtown corridor
·         Beautify the underpasses
·         Create a sense of community ownership/stewardship about the space
Painting on Site
The execution of each mural project is to begin in June 2014 and be completed in August 2014. Selected muralist/teams will be given support from our organization through provisions of materials such as: paint, brushes, drop-cloths, scaffolding, and other tools necessary to complete the mural.  Also, city obstruction permits, liability insurance, and site preparation (power-washing and priming the surface) will be provided.
IV.                Historical /Site Specific Significance
Currently the location for all potential city commissioned murals are underneath the BNSF Northern Transcontinental Railway line. This railroad line begins in Chicago and connects to the major metropolitan areas of Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN, on its way to Spokane. After leaving our city the line splits, connecting to both Seattle, WA and Portland, OR. Along the way the trains pass through smaller cities (appx. 50,000) like Lacrosse, WI and Minot, ND, as well as a countless number of small towns like Whitefish, MT and Sandpoint, ID. The railroad historically has been a catalyst for expansion and economic development, through creation of jobs and movement of people and material goods. But the trains have also, in more recent history, begun to transport ideas in the form of artworks painted on the sides of their cars. Within the railroad underpasses, passersby find sites of additional forms of non-verbal communication in the form of both murals and from the occasional tagger. In this sense these, otherwise unused, sites have become locations for non-verbal communication.  This is a part of the current state of visual culture, from urban inner city environments to rural towns across the United States.
V.                  Spokane Arts Mural Program Mission
To highlight existing visual cultures in Spokane in progressive ways while beautifying urban spaces.
VI.                Mural Program Background
Spokane Arts mural program has been in operation since 1991, with the support of downtown business partnerships. The original intent was to lighten up the dark pedestrian walkways. Past murals have been executed by a selected professional artist and teams of youth employees of volunteers. “The People’s Gallery,” a community participation murals project, is a program created in 1992, from the stated need.  We have done more than 30 murals over the past 20 years.
VII.              Selection Process
A selection panel will be formed from the Arts Commission and will also include community representatives from neighboring businesses and a professional visual artists residing in Spokane.
Selection criteria include:
·         Demonstrated ability/qualifications of individual or team
·         Technical and conceptual quality of the proposed work
·         Appropriateness of proposed content to site.
Artist teams should submit their proposals as a group. The cafe proposal process is meant to be used to establish the proposed mural concept for the location, as well as to demonstrate credibility through examples of past works (image samples). When submitting an image of the proposed mural, make sure it is labeled adequately so the reviewing committee can distinguish it from past works.
Finalists will be called in for an interview. Following the interview process, selected artists/teams will be asked to develop a more site specific image proposal, in addition to working with Spokane Arts representatives to create a request for materials (within given budget, and acceptable durability requirements).  Also an artist/team specific timeline will be established for the on-site painting process.
VIII.            Timeline
April 8th                                                 Proposals Due
April 21st- April 25th                             Finalist Interviews
May 2nd                                              Projects Awarded
May 23rd                                             Site-specific renderings due, request for materials
May 30th                                             Worksite painting timeline due
IX.                Application Procedure
Applications will be accepted online at
(Registration w/ CaFE is free and simple)
Please include the following in your submission
·         Letter of interest
·         Current resume/C.V.
·         Detailed proposal/Community engagement philosophy (max one page)
·         Up to 10 image samples (sized to Café specifications) including proposal images and past work samples                                                   
X.                  Inquiries
For additional inquiries and support with the application requirements and procedure
please contact our Program Manager Austin Stiegemeier:
via email:
                                                phone:                                 (509) 321 9614