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Municipality of Anchorage: Bartlett High School Renovation 2013
Bartlett High School Renovation 2013
1% for Art Program /Public Works
PO Box 196650
Anchorage, AK 99519-6650
(907) 343-6473

Entry Deadline: 12/6/13
Application Closed
Number of Applications Allowed: 2


Images - Minimum: 1, Maximum: 6
Total Media - Minimum: 1, Maximum: 6

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Project: Bartlett High School Deadline for Entries: Friday, December 6, 2013 4:00 pm Contact: Curator of Public Art, 1% for Art, (907) 343-6473 Amount of Commission: $62,000 Code In accordance with Municipal Code 7.40, the Municipality of Anchorage is announcing a call for qualifications for artwork to be designed for Bartlett High School which is being remodeled in Anchorage, Alaska. Project Information Project construction began in May 2012 and will be completed by summer 2016. Site Description The art selection jury intends to commission artwork to be permanently installed at one to two locations in the remodeled High School which is located at 1101 Golden Bear Drive in Anchorage. There are five potential sites that have been discussed for placement of artwork, although the committee will consider other suggested sites. The first potential location is a three-story window on the east side of the building opposite an identical window adjacent to the main entry lobby near the theater. The entire window is approximately forty-six feet (46’) high by nine feet five inches (9’5”) wide. Any artwork placed in this location will need to complement the existing artwork titled, Solar Dream, by Carl Powell on the west side of the lobby. The overall dimensions of the existing artwork is approximately 17’10” by 9’5”, although there are nine separate windows within those dimension separated by two mullions and four transoms. Please see the site plans for more information. The second potential art location is a large area above Main Place suspended from the skylight supports. Main Place is the central crossroads of the school adjacent to the main office. The skylight is supported with reinforced concrete and structural steel tubes and measures 30 feet wide and 88 feet long. The skylight ceiling of Main Place is angled with the north wall of the skylight approximately 25 feet above the lowest level and south wall of the skylight approximately 40 feet above the lowest level. The current light fixtures hang from 10’ to 13’ below the skylight. Please see the site plans for more information. The third potential location is the west wall adjacent to the main entry. The wall measures approximately 18 feet tall by 20 feet wide and has steel studs for attachment. The committee is interested in potential artwork at this location complementing Carl Powell’s Solar Dreams, which was commissioned through a previous renovation in 2006. The fourth potential location is the building façade on the east side of the building, opposite the new football field. The façade is approximately 106 feet long and two stories high. There are two bands at the top and middle of the wall measuring approximately 4 and a half feet tall each consisting of pre-cast concrete covered with metal sheeting for attachment. The areas between the windows have insulated metal panels that aren’t appropriate for attachment. The fifth potential location for an art installation is the stairs located in main place, provided the installation is safe and doesn’t impede traffic. There are twelve stairs with seven inch risers, four of which are perpendicular to the stair edge (three inches recessed underneath). The tread varies slightly, but generally the right side of the staircase has 13” tread and the left side of the staircase has 19” treads. The sixth stair has a 49” tread on the right and a 19” tread on the left. The platform at the top of the stairs has a built in textured mat. The bottom stair measures approximately 19’ long on the left side and 27 1/2’ long on the right side. Please see attached drawings for more information. Themes Bartlett High School is located in the northeastern part of Anchorage situated between Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson on the north and west and the Alaska Native Heritage Center on the east. The school is located in a heavily wooded area and was built in 1972. About 1,800 students attend the school, which is named after Senator Edward Lewis “Bob” Bartlett who served as Alaska’s Territorial Delegate to Congress from 1945-59. He worked hard to have the Territory of Alaska recognized as a state including helping organize the 1955 Alaska Constitutional Convention. Past additions and renovations have added public artwork including Carl Powell’s stained glass window, Walter Kravitz’s International Hip Hop in the clerestory of the school’s library, and Dennis Oppenheim’s Performance Crystal located just outside the main entry of the school. The themes discussed by the Bartlett High School Art Selection Jury include the wooded environment the school is located within and resulting frequent visits from moose and bears. The other important theme for the school is the diversity of the students where 35% of the students are Caucasian; 20% are African-American; 19% are Asian or Pacific Islander; 15% are Multi-Ethnic;10% are Alaskan Native or American Indian; and 9% are Hispanic. Budget The total budget for artwork is $62,000. The art selection jury may decide to offer two commissions of $31,000 which includes all costs of design, fabrication, installation, photographic documentation, catalog documentation and an identifying plaque. State laws related to public construction, including licensing, insurance, bonding, and payment of prevailing wage rates, may apply. Selection Criteria: Artists will be selected to develop proposals with the project team based on: 1. Artistic Merit as evidenced by representation of relevant past work in images. 2. Appropriateness of the artist’s medium, style and previous experience in relation to the project goals and setting. 3. Experience with projects of a similar scale and scope including familiarity with the public art process, the public review approval process, and/or collaboration with high schools, and design agencies; and art selection juries. 4. Artists must have good communication skills and be able to work with diverse community members. 5. Diversity of artists and mediums reflects the overall program goals to strive for diversity in style, scale, media and artists in new and traditional art forms. Artists with no prior public art experience will be seriously considered. Artists with strong bodies of work, with little public art background are encouraged to apply and will be given equal consideration. Artists are required to submit the following items: 1. Six digital images of past work should be loaded into CaFE ( following the guidelines on that site. 2. Each image should be identified with title, materials, dimensions, and value; 3. Current 1-2 page resume. 4. One page narrative with site specified and overall type of approach to concept. Include a description of why you are interested or particularly qualified for this project. ART SELECTION JURY Principal Dan Gallego represents Bartlett High School on the Art Selection Jury; Nicholas Horn is the design representative from McCool Carlson Green Architecture; Beckie Etukeok is a professional artist and represents the local community; Tawny Klebesadel represents the Municipality Of Anchorage; James Dougherty represents the Municipality Of Anchorage’s Public Art Committee; and Sandra Knight is a local resident who represents the community. Additional Information Requests for additional information may be directed to the Curator of Public Art, at Municipality of Anchorage at the Permit Center. The telephone number is (907) 343-6473; the FAX number is (907) 249-7567. This RFQ will only be posted on the Call for Entry website (CaFE).