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FNSB North Pole Library Call for Art
809 Pioneer Road
PO Box 71267 • Fairbanks, Alaska 99707-1267

Entry Deadline: 1/20/14
Application Closed
Number of Applications Allowed: 2


Images - Minimum: 1, Maximum: 6
Total Media - Minimum: 1, Maximum: 6

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Scope of Work Final RFP & Amendments: The Fairbanks North Star Borough (FNSB) is seeking art for two (2) separate areas of the new North Pole Library. Artists can submit proposals for either area or both. Proposals for each site will be evaluated and awarded separately. The Project budget will cover all costs associated with creating and designing the art including any applicable permits or fees, materials, electrical, insurance, delivery costs, structural engineering costs, contractor installation costs, maintenance planning, documentation, imaging, etc. A plaque identifying the artist and the name of the art should be included in the artist’s budget. Artists proposing suspended art will be required to work with a licensed structural engineer and a licensed building contractor to insure the art project can and will be installed safely and securely. Site #1: Main Entrance Lobby Site #1 for art is the main entrance lobby, a clerestory area. The definition of clerestory is an outside wall of a room or building that rises above an adjoining roof and contains windows. A mobile could work well in this site since there is natural light coming in from windows on all four sides of the clerestory. Wall space is also available for art creation. The main entrance to the library is glass and steel structure with tongue and groove wood ceiling and glue-laminated wood beams and purlins. The glass is fritted with a simple design to reflect the aurora borealis or drifting snow (individual interpretation) and snowflakes in varying opacities of white. The fritting is intended to reduce glare and heat when the sun shines directly onto the windows. The peak of the entry way stands approximately 32 feet and slopes to side heights of approximately 25 feet. The width of the main entry area is 38 feet 11 inches. The main double entry doors are framed with siding that is 14 feet 2 inches high by 13 feet 2 inches wide. The interior of the lobby, in which the art will be displayed, is approximately 39’ wide and 32” deep. Architect drawings providing visuals with dimensions are attached and labeled as Site #1. A picture has been included of the interior walls under construction. The clerestory ceiling structure can accommodate a maximum weight of 500 pounds (227 Kg). The artists need to be aware that main entrance is a heavily used public lobby where patrons may mingle for periods of time during or after events. Safety and the ability to secure the art will be a part of the evaluation. Site # 2: Fireplace Vaulted Ceiling Area Site #2 for art is a cozy fireplace area in the Library. The fireplace is set into the exterior wall which has floor to ceiling glass surrounding the fireplace mantle. The surrounding high vaulted ceiling walls in this area provide a lot of space for showcasing art. Please see Site # 2 architect drawings for site dimensions. A picture has been included of the ceiling and walls under construction. The fireplace area is glass and steel structure with tongue and groove wood ceiling with glue-laminated wood beams and purlins. The glass is fritted with a simple design to reflect the aurora borealis or drifting snow (individual interpretation) and snowflakes in varying opacities of white. The peak of this clerestory rises to height of 26 feet and slopes to side heights of 19 feet. The width of this area is approximately 39 feet. The fireplace area covers 12 feet 6 inches of the wall in width and is 14 feet 1 ½ inches high. The fireplace area is a quiet reading area for patrons to sit and enjoy the fire or gaze out at the landscape. Art Installation The artist will also be required to coordinate with the building project manager and building contractor for installation. The art must be completed and installed prior to completion of the building. The building is expected to be complete in August 2014. The artist is asked to: • Develop a high quality work of art that creates a strong spatial and visual impact within the interior clerestory areas of the library. • Enhance and connect to the library’s architecture and interior design • Develop a work of art that connects to the community and the library’s mission to nourish minds, transform lives and build community together • The artwork must be safe, durable, low maintenance, and appropriate to the location • The Artist must take into account the high amount of pedestrian traffic, light (both natural and electric) and temperature extremes • The work must be resistant to vandalism • Design an artwork with a long-term life span that complies with all codes and functional requirement • Develop final drawings, models, presentation materials and other visual and written items • Participate in ongoing design review and modification process with input from the staff, architects, structural engineers, and appropriate committees, if required • Fabricate artwork and/or oversee fabrication by others • Deliver and install the artwork with architectural and engineering oversight • Provide a plaque for the artwork Artist Eligibility The ability of the artist to meet the timeline requirements and work with the architectural / structural design team is part of the artist’s eligibility criteria. The project is open to all artists or artist teams; however, preference in the selection process will be given first to local artists in the interior of Alaska and second to artists within the State of Alaska. To qualify as a “local artist” and a “state artist”, the Offeror must: • Hold a current Alaska business license and submit a proposal under the name on their business license . or provide a copy of the business license, within ten days of notice of award. AND, if the offeror is a: • CORPORATION, is incorporated in Alaska or are otherwise qualified to do business under the laws of the state. • SOLE PROPRIETORSHIP, the proprietor must be a resident of the state. • LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY organized under AS.10.50, all members must be residents of the state. • PARTNERSHIP under AS.32.05, or 32.11, all partners must be residents of the state. • JOINT VENTURE, the joint venture must be composed entirely of ventures that qualify as Alaska Offeror. The amount of the preference must be calculated inclusively, not added on, when determining the total number of points available for evaluation proposals. • 10% of Total available points for interior artists. • 5% of Total available points for State of Alaska artists