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Hiland Theater Sculpture and Bus Shelter
Bernalillo County Public Art Program
c/o Nan Masland
415 Tijeras NW,
Albuquerque, NM 87102

Entry Deadline: 1/14/14
Application Closed
Number of Applications Allowed: 2


Images - Minimum: 3, Maximum: 10
Total Media - Minimum: 3, Maximum: 10

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To Commission a Work of Art on Route 66 which will be located in front of the Hiland Theater in Albuquerque, NM.

The Bernalillo County Arts Board, New Mexico Arts, National Dance Institute of New Mexico (NDI-NM)* and ABQ Ride have initiated a 1% for Art project. The site is in front of the newly renovated Hiland Theater located at 4800 Central Avenue SE, Historic Route 66; between Monroe Street SE and Quincy Street SE in the Central Highland/Nob Hill district of Albuquerque. Originally opened in 1950, the Hiland Theater was a movie house with over 1,000 seats. It closed its doors as a movie theater in 1995, and then it served as a live theater and later fell into disrepair. Bernalillo County purchased the theater in 2003. With the help of government grants and private donations, the theater underwent a multi-million dollar renovation and now houses the National Dance Institute of New Mexico.
*The current lease of the Hiland Theater is held by NDI-NM, (National Dance Institute of New Mexico), a dance facilitator for youth and young adults. However, use of the space could change over time.

Project Intent/Theme:
The Bernalillo County Arts Board, NDI-NM and ABQ Ride seek preliminary ideas for exterior artwork that may or may not include an artist designed bus shelter within the project site. The call is open to artists residing in the states along Route 66. The board anticipates proposals that consider the newly redeveloped exterior and incorporate a sense of movement. Sensitivity to the site and the artist’s consideration of the spirit of the Hiland Theater have been identified as desirable proposal elements. Since the use of lighting such as neon or LED lights have been identified as a priority for the “Central Avenue Neon Design Overlay Zone,” such lighting may be considered for this project. The City of Albuquerque has required a bus shelter on site. Artists may
- choose to leave a space for a bus shelter which will be provided and installed by the City of Abq. or
- choose to design the bus shelter as part of the project.
Site considerations and bus shelter specifications are described in further detail below.

The site is located in the front landscaping strip between the theater parking lot and the sidewalk of the Hiland Theater facing Central Ave. The artwork with bus shelter will be visible to motorists, bus passengers, pedestrians, and cyclists. Site plan attached.

Proposals are encouraged to use exterior appropriate materials. Durability and low maintenance of all materials is strongly encouraged. The size of the artwork should be proportionate to the site and address the interactive nature of the location. Public safety is a concern. The artwork should not pose a threat of injury of any persons who may come in contact with the piece. The artwork shall comply with City of Abq. Transportation Dept. regulations and all other applicable agencies. For traffic visibility, the artwork must be nearly transparent from 3' to 6' above the ground. The bus shelter must be ADA accessible and adhere to the minimum requirements listed below.

Artist's Responsibility:
It will be the artists's responsibility to design, fabricate, ship and install the artwork.

Project Funds:
$120,000 is available to commission a work of art and an artist designed bus shelter in front of the Hiland Theater - $100,000 from Bernalillo County Public Art Funds from General Obligation Bonds. In addition, $20,000 is available from the City of Albuquerque Transportion Dept. if the artist chooses to design and install the bus shelter as part of the proposal.

Selection Process:
This is a regional call, open competition, RFP for artists and/artists teams residing in Route 66 states. The Artist Selection Committee will offer a stipend for preliminary design concepts for as many as three finalists; stipend funds of $1,000 per selected finalist are available. Finalists may or may not choose to make their final presentation in person.

City of Albuquerque Bus Shelter Design Requirements and Criteria

Design Requirements:
Minimum shelter dimensions: Horizi\ontal dimensions: 5' deep x 14' Roof height - min 7' for ADA clearance

ADA required level landing clear of obstructions (slope 2% or less) at the bus stop itself. See diagram here:
5’ wide (measured parallel to the curb)
8’ deep (measured perpendicular to the curb, starting at the back of the curb)
This 5'x8' area needs to have no obstructions and must connect to the curb. The roof shelter can cover a portion of the area.
Minimum ADA requirement for unobstructed sidewalk is 3' (from back of curb). For general pedestrian circulation, 6’ or more is desirable.
Shelter must provide space for a wheelchair under the roof
At least 2.5’ x 4’ space under the shelter
Also should provide room for someone in a wheelchair to turn around – 2.5' radius circle (but the whole circle doesn’t need to be under the shelter)
Additional Criteria:
The side of the shelter facing on-coming traffic (i.e. west for this stop) should provide visibility for passengers & bus drivers to see. Minimize areas that are difficult to see through – potential hiding spots, real or perceived.
Seating for 3 or more people is ideal, whether a bench or less formal seating (for ADA seating should be 17” to 19” high); if using a bench, it’s ideal to put arm rests or low seating dividers to discourage people from sleeping on the bench.

Apply online at There is no application fee for the project or to create an account on the system. Please note that all materials must be submitted according to the specifications outlined on the CaFÉ website.

This call for artists is for conceptual proposals for a sculpture and artist designed bus shelter located in front of the historic Hiland Theater. Up to three finalists will be selected and paid a $1,000 stipend to present their developed design concept and maquette.
This project is open to artists legally residing in and limited to Route 66 states: California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, and Illinois.
This online process requires that all application images and materials be submitted in digital format. For digital image requirements please visit the “Image Prep” section at CaFÉ, ( Submissions will be available for review on-line by Bernalillo County Arts Board members and County and State staff only.
Submissions must be posted on the CaFÉ website by 5:00 PM, January 14th, 2014.

Please submit the following
1. Artist name and address must be on every page submitted. All word and quantity limits must be followed.
2. Concept Statement. A narrative about the concept for the design, materials proposed, and inspiration for the design.
2. Artist Statement. An artist statement and/or description not to exceed 3000 characters (on-line submissions). This should be a brief description of your artwork style, media and other relevant information. ) A letter of intent which includes a description of your ideas and the themes that will be addressed in your design, and proposed technique for application of designs. A short artist biography should also be included.
3. Artist Résumé. A current résumé demonstrating relevant work experience and education, including public art or otherwise. Copies of published magazine or newspaper articles, letters of recommendation, etc., may be included, but should not exceed three pages. Individual resumes should not exceed 3000 characters (on-line submissions).
4. Images and Annotated Image List. Submit from one (1) to five (5) digital images of the conceptual design. In addition, submit from toe (2) to five (5) images of previous work. Digital images should include the artist’s name, artwork title, dimension/size, media, date of creation, and purchase price, in addition to any in-kind consideration. A correspondingly numbered image key of each image must also be submitted including artist’s name, artwork title, dimension/size, media, date of creation. The image list should not exceed 3000 characters. Please review and follow the printable image preparation guide on the CaFÉ website. Digital media submissions on-line submissions must follow the CaFÉ image uploading requirements.
5. References. Up to three professional or public art references that have intimate knowledge of the artist’s work and working methods. The list must include complete and current addresses and telephone number(s), or e-mail.