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CITY OF EMERYVILLE PUBLIC ART PROGRAM REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS ART PROGRAM AT THE SHELLMOUND/POWELL STREET BRIDGE PROJECT BACKGROUND City of Emeryville Emeryville is a small city located along the Interstate-80, Union Pacific Railroad, and Amtrak Commuter Rail corridors between Berkeley and Oakland. Its western edge lies along the shore of the San Francisco Bay and it sits near the eastern foot of the San Francisco Bay Bridge. The City is a regional retail destination, as well as headquarters to a number of companies in high-tech, biotech, new media, and more. Its residential population of 10,000 includes not only an ethnically and culturally diverse mix of people but a large number of artists who live and work in industrial properties converted for that purpose, embedding artists throughout Emeryville. Art in Public Places Program In 1990, the City established an Art in Public Places Program through a Percent for Art ordinance. The ordinance formalized a growing practice by the City and its many corporate residents who voluntarily included significant pieces of art in their public spaces. The ordinance mandates that private developers of non-residential buildings with construction costs in excess of $300,000 allocate 1% of their building construction costs, and developers of residential projects over 20 units allocate .5% of their building construction costs, for public art. The City allocates 1.5 percent for municipal developments. Developers can acquire artwork for their development projects or may pay an in lieu fee to the City to be used for the acquisition of City-owned artwork. Emeryville is currently home to over 100 works of public art in a variety of media paid for by participating developers or thru the in lieu fee. The commissioning of artwork for the Shellmound Street District, paid for from these fees, affords the City the opportunity to add to this collection of award-winning artwork. See more information about Emeryville’s Art in Public Places Program and the resulting installations at PROJECT SITE The Shellmound Street District The Shellmound Street District is located in the heart of Emeryville. The District runs along Shellmound Street from 63rd Street at the north to Christie Avenue at the south, in the portion of Emeryville located between the Union Pacific railroad to the east and Interstate-80 to the west. The Powell Street overpass, a major east west thoroughfare, visually bisects Shellmound Street, and is the focus of the art site in this RFQ (Attachment A). Mixed-use Developments: The Shellmound Street District is bookended by two large mixed-use developments, the Public Market and Bay Street Emeryville. • The Public Market to the north attracts over 3,000 people each day to its international food court, shops, and office spaces. The project consists of 108,000 square feet of retail space in a rehabilitated brick warehouse, a ten-screen movie theater, and an eight-story, 109,000 square foot office building. The project has received approvals for a major 15-year expansion that includes 674 dwelling units and 300,000 square feet of commercial space. Future development includes a realignment of Shellmound Street through the existing parking lot and away from the railroad right-of-way. This affords the opportunity for buildings - new and existing - to line both sides of Shellmound and to positively define the public realm. One new street (63rd Street) is proposed to further create an urban city context. The Public Market has the 4th busiest pedestrian intersection at 59th and Shellmound a block north of the project area. The Exploratorium (a San Francisco based science museum) recently added public installations and signage in the landscaping around the Public Market, combining art and science for interactive experiences in the public realm. • To the south, Bay Street Emeryville invites visitors to a casual village designed for strolling, shopping and dining. The character of Bay Street is drawn from the rich history of its bayside site as a place where people have gathered for millennia to live, work and play. Designed as a lifestyle shopping center, Bay Street is a mixed-use, retail and residential development with 325,000 square feet of retail, a 16-screen AMC cinema, and 379 total dwelling units. Bay Street Emeryville uses architecture, lighting, landscape and environmental graphics to create a unique, contemporary atmosphere. It has the single highest pedestrian volumes in the City, averaging 833 pedestrians in the p.m. peak hours. The intersections on Shellmound Street just north and south of Bay Street Emeryville have the 6th and 7th highest pedestrian p.m. peak volumes in the City. Powell Street Bridge: The Powell Street Bridge (“Bridge”) is a large concrete overpass that is elevated above Shellmound Street in the east/west direction and crosses Shellmound Street just north of Site B (refer to Attachment A). The Bridge is a formidable visual barrier that interrupts pedestrian access along Shellmound Street, effectively preventing a continuity of pedestrian activity between the Public Market and Bay Street Emeryville. Adjacent Properties: Adjacent properties include two hotels, a Hyatt House and a Four Points by Sheraton, in the NE and SW corners, plus a vacant office building for lease in the NW corner and one development property in the SE core, discussed below. Fronting the east side of Shellmound Street, just north of Bay Street and south of the overpass, is a five acre vacant site that consists of two properties: Bay Street Site A (1.9-acres) and Bay Street Site B (3.04-acres) (Attachment B). Site A is part of Bay Street and is entitled to be developed as a 221-room hotel and 16,000 square feet of retail. Site-B is currently owned by the Successor Agency to the Emeryville Redevelopment Agency and will be sold pursuant to an approved Property Management Plan. It is anticipated that Site B will be developed as mixed-use development complementing the existing Bay Street neighborhood to the south. PROJECT CONTEXT On August 7, 2012, the Emeryville City Council adopted the Shellmound Design Guidelines (“Guidelines”), which provide direction for development of the public right of way in the Shellmound District. The Guidelines envision the integration of this district through public art installations and coordinated streetscape and landscape improvements that enhance the pedestrian experience, support commercial activities, and foster a unified retail district by strengthening the connection between the Public Market and Bay Street Emeryville. The Shellmound Design Guidelines can be found at: As the first phase of implementing the recommendations outlined in the Guidelines, the City is issuing this Request for Qualifications to solicit applications from teams whose primary members are comprised of artists, lighting designers, and landscape architects to: 1) design, fabricate and install a unique, innovative public art installation incorporating a lighting component as well as other artistic elements for the Powell Street Bridge and the nearby public right-of-way areas and 2) provide two written documents that suggest themes, locations, and unified concepts for art installations and landscape improvements on both adjacent private property and public rights of way. The proposal can assume a planting palette consistent with bay-friendly landscaping and conversion of hedges and lawns accordingly with integrated art and lighting themes. The City requires landscaping installed by the City over a minimum threshold to be bay-friendly as defined by lower water usages, recycling and native plant usage among other best practices. Incorporating local landscape designers who are expert in bay-friendly landscaping may represent a competitive advantage both in reducing costs and complying with the local landscaping ordinance and exceeding efficiency standards. See here for certified professionals sortable by County:(see A citywide Banner program is being installed in summer 2013 that will run the length of Shellmound Street through the project area. Additional banners will be on the Powell Street overpass. These images may be removed when this project is installed or can be retained until such time as damage and dirt require doing so. QUALIFICATIONS AND ELIGIBILITY This RFQ is open to teams comprised of visual artists and landscape architects residing in the US who meet the following qualifications. If your team does not meet these qualifications you should not apply. 1. The team must include a visual artist with experience in producing a minimum of two permanent, exterior public art projects similar in scale and complexity to this project. If the Artist does not have experience in producing public artwork that incorporates lighting elements, he/she must include a professional lighting designer as part of the applicant team. 2. The team must include a ream member with experience in planning and implementing landscape designs for urban environments, preferably with experience in integrating public art into streetscapes, sustainable design and bay-friendly landscaping. 3. Each team member must demonstrate a history of professional activity and achievement in their respective fields. 4. The team leader must demonstrate the ability to manage a project of this scale and complexity, and to oversee the work of multiple disciplines. He/she must demonstrate technical competence with regard to selection of materials, lighting recommendations, installation procedures and long-term maintenance, or must be able to procure and manage the work of subconsultants with such experience. 5. The team members must demonstrate knowledge of and interest in contemporary public art, particularly within an urban environment; have a history of completing projects on time and within budget; and demonstrated experience in working with government organizations and civic committees in a planning process. Strong written and verbal communication skills are essential to this project. PROJECT GOALS AND DELIVERABLES The overall goals of this project are to: • Provide a visual and psychological connection for pedestrians between the Public Market and Bay Street through the coordinated placement of public art, landscape/hardscape elements and lighting. • Acknowledge and celebrate the streetscape’s role as the “stage” on which the life of the community plays out. • Create a safe and welcoming environment for pedestrians through the use of both nighttime lighting and artistic elements that are visible during the day. • Create a powerful, iconic image for the City of Emeryville. • Enhance pedestrian safety. • Provide both Private Developers and the City with documents that recommend a unified and coordinated approach for the placement of future artwork and related landscape elements that are complementary to the overall aesthetic of the Powell Street Bridge artwork. Information contained in these documents may be included or referenced in Requests for Qualifications to be issued by the City for future public art projects. The deliverables of the project consist of three Project Components as described following. Project Component #1: Powell Street Bridge Public Art The City’s vision is to commission an innovative public art and lighting design for the Powell Street Bridge that will enliven and lighten its presence on the street. The primary site for artwork includes the spandrel beams that face to the north and south of Shellmound Street. This area measures 555’ long on each side and the overpass is approximately 56’ wide. There are directional signs on the Bridge’s south side that cannot be removed. Additionally property development in the SE corner is expected to reduce the available visible length. The limit of work for the Powell Street Bridge art is presented in Attachment C. Additional elements, which do not reduce the clearance height below the lateral beams (either one-dimensional items or multi-dimensional items tucked within the girders), may be included. The design may also include the concrete columns located on either side of Shellmound Street (total of 6 columns). Treatment of spaces under the overpass to the east of the columns that encourage safe viewing locations may be developed. Separately the City Public Works Department may paint crosswalk striping to delineate the bike lane, pedestrian crossing and travel lanes under the Bridge. The artist’s scope of work must not obstruct any of these paths of travel but should enhance them. In addition to lighting, artists must incorporate other media such as paint, metal, tile, and reflective materials, to create both a day and night presence for the Bridge. All artwork materials must be appropriate for long-term exposure in an exterior environment and must be able to withstand the Bridge’s continual vibration. Bridge Site Restrictions: Due to structural issues, there are several restrictions regarding the location of the Bridge artwork, as follows: 1. The Bridge decking and girders may not be penetrated to receive artwork as there is only 1.5 inches of decking before re-bar is exposed. 2. Lighting elements may be attached to the columns, or may be clamped to the girders as long as the clamp does not fall more than 2 inches below the girders. 3. Lighting may be installed between the girders with a resistance measure. Lighting conduit runs the length of the Bridge. 4. Public safety is of primary importance. Any artwork affecting the Bridge will be required to meet all safety regulations and must be approved by the City; considerations include how reflective materials or lighting will affect drivers on Shellmound Street. 5. No materials may reduce the vertical clearance under the bridge. Project Component #2: Private Art and Landscaping Imaging and Themes There are several sites in private ownership adjacent to the Powell Street Bridge that may receive art or landscaping elements as part of future development projects or refurbishments. The goal of this component is to provide current and future property owners with a document that recommends a unified and coordinated approach for the placement of future artwork and related landscape elements that are complementary to the overall aesthetic of the Powell Street Bridge artwork. This document may provide developers with recommendations on how future public art projects and other cultural activities visually unify and connect the area between Bay Street and the Public Market. Such approaches may include recommendations for sites for signature artworks, sites for smaller scale projects that are more intimately viewed by the public, and places where temporary exhibits, performances, or events can take place. In addition to recommending sites and approaches for public art, the team will recommend improvements to existing landscape sites, including potential themes and plant color palettes with an emphasis on using bay-friendly plants for future landscape projects. These recommendations may also be used for future landscaping projects in private development areas. The sites include the following: • The Hyatt House landscaping along the hotel’s Shellmound Street and Powell underpass frontages • The Public Market lawn area on the west site of Shellmound Street, south of the last buildings • Future development of any private landscaping and plaza areas adjacent to Shellmound Street Attachment D shows the location of each of these sites. Project Component #3: Public Right of Way Improvements to Enhance and Promote Connectivity Between the Public Market and Bay Street The public right of way to the north and south of the Powell Street Bridge will be developed in conjunction with future adjacent private development projects. To ensure that the public right of way is designed to create a visual and physical connection along Shellmound Street, Project Component #3 shall include recommendations for opportunities and approaches for public art and landscaping in the public right of way that relate to and complement the Powell Street bridge art work and the recommendations made for the areas identified in Component #2. Approaches may include recommendations for ways in which artwork can enhance the pedestrian experience, foster a sense of connection between the Public Market and Bay Street, and mark or guide pedestrians through transitional areas of travel. The Public Right of Way sites included in this component are: • The Shellmound Street right of way in front of Bay Street Site A and Bay Street Site B • The east side of the Shellmound Street right of way, north of the Powell Street bridge and extending to 64th Street • The underpass between Shellmound and the east footing of the Powell Street Bridge Pedestrian overcrossing PUBLIC ART BUDGET The budget for both the Bridge Art and Imaging and Theme components is a not-to-exceed figure of $280,000. This amount includes all costs related to the team’s design and project management fees; all subcontracted and consultant costs, including engineers, electricians, fabricators, studio and overhead costs; fabrication, transportation, delivery, storage and installation of all art components; General and Automobile Liability, Professional Liability and Fine Arts insurance as required; and all other costs associated with the art project, including the research, writing and production of the Imaging and Theme and Connectivity components. Please note that the budget also includes all costs required for all permits and licenses, including street closure, and for the cost of power washing the Bridge if required for the installation of the artwork. SELECTION OF FINALISTS 1. Applications will be pre-screened by City staff to ensure that applicants meet the minimum qualifications. 2. A Selection Panel comprised of representatives from the City of Emeryville, the Shellmound Ad Hoc Committee, and arts professionals will review the applications and rank them according in to the selection criteria outlined below. The teams with the five highest scores will be asked to conduct an interview via videoconferencing to determine the applicants’ interest in and potential approach to each project. Following the interviews, the Panel will select up to 3 finalist teams. SELECTION CRITERIA Finalist Teams will be selected by the following criteria: 1. The aesthetic quality of the each team member’s past work, including content, craftsmanship, uniqueness and relevance to its environment. 2. The degree to which each member’s work relates to the goals and parameters of one or more of the project sites (i.e. lighting artists for the bridge, landscape architects for their prior experience in integrating public art into their work). 3. Evidence that each member has produced public projects that have maintained an appropriate level of quality and integrity over time. 4. Each member’s demonstrated ability to work successfully as a member of a multi-disciplinary team and to work within public review processes. CONCEPTUAL DESIGN SUBMITTAL PROCESSES 1. One or more members of the Teams selected to design conceptual proposals for the Bridge will be asked to attend a project orientation with representatives from the City and other project stakeholders. Team members who attend the orientation and who travel more than 90 miles from the orientation site will receive a pre-approved travel allowance based on applicable Federal reimbursement rates. 2. Teams will be given 10-12 weeks to develop design concepts for the Bridge and adjacent areas. 3. Teams must confer with the City when developing the conceptual designs, including identifying initial ideas for artwork locations, content, scale and media. 4. Conceptual design proposals must indicate the design intent, location of the proposed artworks, color and materials, fabrication processes, a preliminary budget based on actual cost estimates, and a project timeline. Finalists will be expected to provide to-scale renderings and other visual materials to adequately illustrate the proposed artwork. 5. Proposed budgets must not exceed $280,000. For Task 1 this amount includes all costs related to the team’s design and project management fees, all subcontractor and consultant costs, including engineers, electricians, fabricators; studio and overhead costs, fabrication, transportation, delivery, storage and installation of all artwork components; General and Automobile Liability, Professional Liability and Fine Arts insurance as required, and all other costs associated with the art project, including all applicable permits and fees for street closure and Bridge cleaning and preparation The Budget must also be inclusive of Task 2 and 3’s research, writing and production. 6. The proposed budgets will be evaluated based on the proposed scope of work and will be an integral part of the selection process. 7. The Proposal must include a proposed maintenance plan that specifies how the City can maintain and/or replace the art components over a 20-year lifespan. 8. In addition to submitting a conceptual design proposal for the Bridge, Finalist teams will be asked to submit a written proposal for the production of the Imaging and Themes/Elements to Promote Connectivity components. The production of the Imaging and Themes/Elements documents will take place after the finalists for the Bridge design have been selected. The proposal to be submitted as part of this application must include a description of the team’s qualifications and relevant experience, a description of how the team will coordinate this component with their proposed design of the Bridge area lighting/artwork, a proposed timeline, and a proposed budget for the research, writing and production of the Imaging and Themes component if the team is selected for the project. 9. The proposals for the Bridge art will be placed on display in City Hall for a two-week period during which the public may comment, though not vote on, the proposals. FINAL SELECTION CRITERIA The Selection Panel will review and evaluate the proposals for the Bridge artwork based on the following criteria: 1. Artistic excellence, creativity and originality of the project’s concept. 2. The Team’s response to the stated goals of the project. 3. The technical feasibility of the proposed artwork, including minimum maintenance requirements, resistance to vandalism and appropriateness for public use and access. 4. An evaluation of the proposed budget, including: 1) its feasibility for the nature and scope of the project, and 2) an analysis of the submitted cost estimates from subcontractors and suppliers. 5. Positive feedback from professional references. 6. The Selection Panel will review and evaluate finalists’ proposals for the Imaging and Themes/Elements to Promote Connectivity components of this project based on the strength of the written proposal, the team’s previous experience with similar projects, and the proposed budget and timeline, FINALIST’S HONORARIUM The honorarium for the submission of the conceptual design proposal and the Imaging and Themes/Elements to Promote Connectivity proposal is $3,000 plus pre-approved travel expenses, as well as reimbursable costs for the production and mailing of the proposal display boards. The honorarium will be paid upon the successful submission of the proposals. OWNERSHIP OF MATERIALS All documents, including sketches, plans, specifications, reports, and all other materials, including models, submitted as part of the conceptual design proposal will become the property of the City of Emeryville upon payment of the honoraria to the artist. Exceptions include material samples, tapes, or other materials presented to illustrate the proposal but which are not integral parts of the proposal. PROJECT SCHEDULE** Target dates for completion of preliminary design and final design are shown below. Questions Due: Decmber 27, 2013 (revised date) Applications Due: December 31, 2013 (revised date) Panel meets to select semi-finalists: Mid January 2014 Project Orientation for semi-finalists: February/March 2014 Conceptual Design Proposals Due and Dispalyed for public viewing in City Hall: May/June 2014 Project Finalists Recommended by Selection Panel May/June 2014 Public Art Committee Reviews Selection Panel Recommendations:June/July 2014 City Council Considers Public Art Committee Recommendations:  July/September 2014 Project Finalists Notified:September/October 2014 Design Development, Fabrication and Installation: TBD Dedication Event TBD **This schedule may be subject to change. INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS Finalist Teams will be required to carry insurance, including a minimum of $1,000,000 combined single incident general liability insurance, $1,000,000 combined single limit per accident automobile liability, and Workers’ Compensation and Employer’s Liability Insurance (if applicable) in the amount of $1,000,000 per occurrence. Risk of Loss Insurance for the value of the artwork will also be required. Direct all questions related to this RFQ via email only to: Amber Evans at Questions and their answers received by December 27, 2013 (revised date) will be shared with all email addresses emailed to by December 27, 2013 (revised date). Questions after this time may not be answered. Attachments A: Shellmound Street/Powell Street Bridge District - Maps and Images (north, south and underside) B: Bay Street Plans per Shellmound Guidelines C: Powell Street Bridge As Built Drawings D. Potential Sites for Art and Landscape Elements and Key Opportunity Sites in Revised Public Right of Way E. Site A Preliminary Development Plan F. Public Market Preliminary Development Plan

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