Oregon Public Art Roster January 2013

Entry Deadline: 2/11/13
Application Closed


Images - Minimum: 8, Maximum: 10
Total Media - Minimum: 8, Maximum: 10

National and international artists who are not currently on the Oregon Public Art Roster and have applied before, or who have not applied previously, are invited to submit qualifications for the Oregon Public Art Roster. The deadline for submissions is 11:59PM, MDT (Mountain Daylight Time), Monday, February 11, 2013. If you are currently listed on the roster that was established in 2011, please do not apply. All materials must be submitted through CaFE™ (www.callforentry.org) The Oregon Arts Commission/OAC (oregonartscommission.org) in Salem, Oregon, and the Regional Arts & Culture Council/RACC (racc.org) in Portland, Oregon, manage the longstanding percent for art programs of the State of Oregon, Multnomah County, and City of Portland. Recognizing an opportunity to acknowledge and promote artistic quality in the field, the OAC and RACC have partnered to create the Oregon Public Art Roster. The Roster, established in 2011, is used as a resource for public art selection committees to identify artists most suitable for their community and specific project needs. HOW IT WORKS Every State of Oregon, City of Portland and Multnomah County percent for art project brings together artists, community members, agency employees and project architects as members of an art selection committee. These groups determine the types and locations for artwork in public buildings and select artists for commissions. Both OAC and RACC selection committees will have the option to use the Oregon Public Art Roster, either in combination with an open call or as the sole resource for identifying appropriate artists for a project. The Roster provides a pool of highly qualified artists and increases the efficiency of the selection process, saving artists both time and money spent in responding to multiple projects throughout the year. DEADLINES The initial roster was established in 2011, and is currently being refreshed. Please note that in 2015, the current roster will be retired, at which time all artists must reapply. Artists may be re-selected an unlimited number of times for future rosters. ELIGIBILITY The goal of the Public Art Roster is to identify artists with experience creating site-specific work. Applicants must have successfully completed at least two permanent or temporary site-specific commissions in which the content, materials and/or placement of the piece of art was informed by input from the commissioning body. Non-US residents must be able to show current ability to work in the United States at the time of selection to the Roster. SELECTION PROCESS AND CRITERIA FOR OREGON PUBLIC ART ROSTER Applications will be reviewed by a committee of OAC and RACC appointed arts professionals. The panel reviewing this second application pool is: Becca Cavell, THA Architecture Jean Boyer Cowling, Oregon Arts Commissioner Lawrence Fong, Curator of American and Regional Art, Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, University of Oregon Tom Morandi, Artist, Professor of Art, Oregon State University Henry Sayre, Oregon Arts Commissioner, Professor of Art History, Oregon State University Sue Taylor, Professor of Art History, Portland State University Fred Tepfer, Planning Associate, University of Oregon Planning Linda Tesner, Curator, RACC Public Art Advisory Committee Dorie Vollum, Chair, RACC Public Art Advisory Committee Please do not contact committee members. The review committee will score applicants based on the criteria listed below. The review committee may annotate the Roster with comments or thematic groups. OAC and RACC reserve the right to convey comments by the review committee to respective public art project selection committees when appropriate. 50 points: Artistic and technical quality of submitted past work (including material handling, aesthetic appeal, and response to the site and/or architecture) 30 points: Professional experience (including commissions, awards, collections and exhibitions) 20 points: Value to the collections managed by OAC and RACC, which seek to represent a varied selection of high quality works. SELECTING ARTISTS FROM THE ROSTER FOR SPECIFIC PROJECTS The Roster is currently being used by OAC and RACC. More detailed information on how artists are selected for specific projects is available at the websites for OAC (oregonartscommission.org) and the Regional Arts & Culture Council/RACC (racc.org). APPLICATION MATERIALS The application submission must include all of the information and materials described below. All materials must be submitted through CaFE™ (www.callforentry.org) 1. Artist Statement of Interest. In 2000 or less characters and spaces, describe your public art practice. The committee is particularly interested in how you wish to advance your body of work through particular conceptual, aesthetic, or material directions. 2. Two-page résumé that outlines professional accomplishments and includes three professional references (reference name, affiliated organization, email address and phone number) uploaded as one (1) PDF file. For team applications, include a two-page resume for each member. 3. Submit a minimum of eight (8) and up to a maximum of ten (10) images of Past Work uploaded as JPEG files, illustrating two to four completed site-specific public art projects. We suggest two (2) to three (3) views of each project. Examples must illustrate projects within the context of a specific site. These images are the primary way the quality of your work is judged. Regrettably, moving image files will not be accepted. Artists specializing in kinetic or sound works should describe the action of the piece in the Image Identification List. The OAC or RACC may contact you for submission of additional documentation. 4. Image Identification List (uploaded as a PDF) that provides project title, location, date completed, media, dimensions, budget, commissioning agency, project partners, brief description of the project/conceptual information. ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS 1. Identify a minimum budget range for which you wish to be considered. When using the roster for specific projects, OAC and RACC will include artists to review based on the budget threshold indicated in this application. For Roster jurying purposes, you will select one of three budget categories below that includes your minimum budget. Those categories are: • $0 - $74,499 • $75,000 - $149,999 • Above $150,000 2. Identify the following categories that describe your previous work (select all that apply): • Architectural elements and/or integrated sculptural works • Landscape or hardscape design • Active/Interactive/kinetic • Two (2) D or low relief, suitable for wall application • Freestanding sculpture • Ceiling-suspended sculpture • Light/sound/media based • Glass/Ceramic/Metal/Textile • Wood • Cast concrete or stone 3. Indicate your exact minimum budget requirement, if any, in US dollars. If you wish to be considered for any budget amount, please enter zero ($0). Please note that we understand many factors contribute to your interest, and you may decline an invitation for any reason. • $0 - $74,499 • $75,000 - $149,999 • Above $150,000 FOR MORE INFORMATION Meagan Atiyeh, Visual Arts Coordinator Oregon Arts Commission meagan.atiyeh@state.or.us 503.986.0084 www.oregonartscommission.org Kristin Calhoun, Public Art Manager Regional Arts & Culture Council kcalhoun@racc.org 503.823.5401 www.racc.org Peggy Kendellen, Public Art Manager Regional Arts & Culture Council pkendellen@racc.org 503.823.4196 www.racc.org

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