City of Loveland: Interstate 25/Highway 34 Interchange
503 N. Lincoln Avenue
Loveland, CO 80537

Event Dates: 1/16/12 - 1/16/12
Entry Deadline: 4/30/13
Application Closed


Images - Minimum: 8, Maximum: 13
Total Media - Minimum: 8, Maximum: 13

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(Please note that this Request for Proposals requires artists to submit their conceptual drawings or images of their proposed artwork for this site. Up to three images are required. Submissions without proposals will not meet submission requirements. Thank you!)

Site Description
Highway 34 is the main east-west thoroughfare through Loveland. It has often been described as “the Gateway to the Rockies” and is the main exit point off of a very busy Interstate (I-25) for tourists visiting Rocky Mountain National Park. Interstate 25, which runs under the bridge structure, is the main north-south route in Colorado and Colorado’s busiest highway. Over 24 million vehicles pass through this interchange annually; with over 1,000,000 as visitors to the National Park.
The selected sculpture will be installed within the northeast quadrant of this off-ramp, adjacent to the bridge structure. The artwork will be located at the same level as US 34 in the enhanced landscaped areas. There is no pedestrian access to the site.
Scope and Project Description
The City of Loveland has been recognized for its commitment to the arts, as illustrated by the commercial opportunities created by the city’s artistic activity, its national recognition as a top artist destination, and the use of arts to promote economic vitality and quality of life.

This public art project will be commissioned for the northeast quadrant of the I-25/Highway 34 Interchange. The City of Loveland Visual Arts Commission will utilize Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) monies, in conjunction with Art in Public Places funds, to beautify the interchange and create an iconic identity for the City. The sculpture will serve as a gateway piece to the City of Loveland and should reflect the spirit/history of the City. Additionally, it should have an immediate visual impact that doesn’t require an “up close and personal” inspection of the art. The sculpture will be located in the line of sight for motorists and passengers exiting the Interstate as well as motorists and passengers traveling on US-34. Per CDOT Public Art Guidelines, the sculpture cannot be kinetic nor have colors that can be construed as traffic signage. The scale of the art should be set according to the scale of the site.

The Artist will be required to carry general liability insurance in the amount of $1 million. The project design must adhere to the Federal Highway Administration and Colorado Department of Transportation Standard Specifications.

The project is open to any professional artist with demonstrated experience in creating signature artwork of a large scale are desired.

Selection Process
From this Call, an Artist may be selected directly from the initial applications or the artwork selection panel may elect to interview a limited number of finalists from among the initial applications based upon their conceptual drawings.
• If multiple semi-finalists are selected, each semi-finalist will present a scaled maquette for the jury panel’s review. Semi-finalists may be required to develop more specific preliminary proposals prior to final selections. If so, a stipend will be paid.
• A detailed budget will be required of artists selected as semi-finalists. The detailed budget must include all expenditures in connection with the execution of the project. (Prior to submitting a proposal, it is recommended that artists prepare such a budget to ensure the project can be executed as presented.)
• One artist will ultimately be selected to develop their design, fabricate and install the artwork.
• Artwork Selection Panel: Members of City of Loveland Visual Arts Commission, one Public Works representative, one Centerra Metropolitan District representative and three Loveland citizens will serve as jurors for the project.
• City staff will oversee operations and administer the decisions of the jury panel.
• CDOT will appoint a consultant to City staff for all matters relating to the CDOT guidelines, in an effort to expedite CDOT processes and avoid non-compliance.

Submission Requirements
All applications must be submitted through the CAFÉ website at: and must include:
• a preliminary statement of approach for the project which communicates scope and scale
• previous accomplishment(s) with public art pieces of similar appropriate scale as shown in five–ten images of artwork completed within the past five years
• the Artist’s conceptual image for the site, which must communicate the scope and scale of the submitted project; Please note that artists MUST submit their conceptual drawings or images for their applicaiton to be considered complete. Maximum number of conceptual images: 3
• 3 professional references
Selection Criteria
The primary criteria for selection:
• Scope of Proposal: Does the proposal show an understanding of the project objective, appropriate scale and desired results? Does the artwork represent history/spirit of the City?
• Assigned Personnel: Do the person(s) working on the project have the necessary skills? Are sufficient people of the requisite skills assigned to the project?
• Availability: Can the work be completed in the contracted time and on-budget?

All applications must be submitted through the CaFE website by April 30, 2013.
Final completion date will be determined jointly by artist and the Loveland Visual Arts Commission; however, the project must be started shortly after the contract has been awarded.

A maximum of $225,000 has been allocated for the sculpture to include all design, fabrication, insurance, installation, travel, contingency and incidental costs. The City of Loveland reserves the right to withdraw from the project prior to such time as a contract is formally entered into with the Artist. Contract provisions will apply subsequent to the agreement to such by both parties.

Submission and Contact Information
Suzanne Janssen
Public Art/Business Services Manager
Office: 970-962-2490
Fax: (970) 962-2910
Loveland Museum/Gallery, 503 N. Lincoln Avenue, Loveland, CO 80537

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