ManneqArt: Digital Art Competition

Entry Deadline: 8/7/13
Application Closed
Number of Applications Allowed: 12


Images - Minimum: 1, Maximum: 5
Total Media - Minimum: 1, Maximum: 5

Entry Fee (ManneqArt:Digital Art Competition): $25.00


ManneqArt is an organization focused on bringing Wearable Art to the attention of the American public. Through a variety of events during the year, we strive to showcase the best in imaginative Hair, Makeup, Costuming, and Digital Art. The focal point of our season is a Public Display of exceptional designs culminating in a Gala Event where finalists present their work. Winning artists can receive awards totaling $50,000, with up to $16,000 for the Gold Award Winner. Located in Howard County, Maryland, USA, ManneqArt looks to engage a community committed to embracing the arts and anticipates expanding nationwide in the future.

Terms and Conditions

ManneqArt Inc. has filed for 501c3 status and is a non-profit organization for the benefit of Education in the Arts.

Entry Details

To submit your design, include your $25 submission fee with all required materials by March 30th or $45 by April 30th. Fees cannot be refunded. Submission fees cover only one section (Hair, Costume, Makeup, Digital Art). Multiple submissions per applicant or team need to be filed separately.

ManneqArt discourages entries that have previously received accolades, monetary or otherwise. Student work that has been created as part of an academic curriculum is acceptable.

In order to be credited properly, please supply us with your real name upon application.


Applicants must create original designs and concepts. Entries must comply with standard copyright guidelines and not infringe on the intellectual property rights of others. While taking inspiration from outside sources is encouraged, your ManneqArt design should exist independently. Designs should not include brand names or logos to ensure trademark compliance.

Property Retention and Distribution

ManneqArt reserves the right to use any images/documentation submitted to the competition or taken by ManneqArt. If the competing design wins any sponsored awards (and subsequent prize money), the intellectual property rights of the images are shared between the Artist, Award Sponsor and ManneqArt. All three legal entities may use the images without consulting the other two. Ownership of the physical design still rests with the artist unless otherwise negotiated.


Each year, ManneqArt designates a set of themes to help guide Digital Artists in their design creations. Use the following map to help determine a well-fitting route for your work.

i.e. Digital Art+Earth+Serious

General Rules

  • Applicants must thoroughly document their work for preliminary judging. See tips for more information and advice.

  • Designs must be labeled with the designer’s name, phone number, email and title of the piece.

General Tips

Points to consider when applying to ManneqArt:

  • Competent craftsmanship: The work should show skill and experience in working with the chosen materials.

  • Strong design

  • Originality: Inspiration comes in many forms. Research your favorite designers, artists, authors, etc… Observe nature and explore new technologies then create your own unique artwork.

  • Art: Art is surprising, original and personal. Create a unique, individual, stand-out design that is all yours.

  • Naming your work: Naming your work is important. It allows you to lead the audience in the direction you want them to examine the piece. This is especially significant in the Humorous Category.

  • Images of your work will be used to:

    • Populate the ManneqArt Calendar

    • Determine which 12 designs will be featured in the Calendar with graphics created through the Digital Art section of the competition

    • Choose 36 award winners whose designs will walk the runway at the ManneqArt Gala

    • Select 200 works to be placed on mannequins (with wigs attached and images of
      makeup design) to be displayed in business centers all over Howard County, Maryland for the two weeks leading up to the ManneqArt Gala

Digital Art Rules

  • Winning submissions will be featured in the ManneqArt 2014 Calendar..

  • Artists must select one (1) out of twelve (12) available head-to-toe looks to incorporate into their digitally-created environment(s).

  • The 12 model looks will be available for download on June 30th 2013, on the ManneqArt website. Pre-registered competitors will be notified as soon as the images are posted online. If you haven't already pre-registered, it is free – do it now!

  • Artists may submit as many separate designs as they would like.

  • Each Digital Art submission requires its own separate $25 USD application fee.

  • Submissions must be of high resolution for printing in the ManneqArt Calendar.

  • Specifications: Images must be 3000x1688px at 300dpi/ppi resolution.


    • Create new work to showcase your mastery and craftsmanship in digital imaging.

    • Your image must include a ManneqArt model, but your real task is to transpose this model into a new, enthralling environment of your own.

    • Create your own context or backstory for your model – this will affectively transform your model into a character. Create a captivating world for this character and then blend your character into your digital backdrop.

    • Your ManneqArt model image(s) should be integrated smoothly into your new environment(s). Ease the transition between your real-life model image and your digital image with consistent lighting, layering, and texturing techniques.

    • Prepare ahead of time. Check the Artists' Itinerary! Begin to develop thematic ideas or designs before model photos are posted. The themes for ManneqArt 2013 are air, water, earth, and fire.

    • Work in large formats (high resolution, uncompressed source files) to avoid pixilation and other unwanted down-sampling artifacts in your final image file. This is very important, because...
      Your final submission must be formatted in two ways:
      1. According to formatting specifications set by CaFE (for usability)
      (Baseline JPEG, 1920px per longest side, 1.8MB or less)
      2. According to size requirements set by ManneqArt (for printing)
      (3000x1688px at 300dpi/ppi)

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