ManneqArt: Costume Competition
9010 Maier Road Unit 104
Laurel, Maryland 20723

Entry Deadline: 7/30/13
Application Closed
Number of Applications Allowed: 12


Images - Minimum: 3, Maximum: 8
Video - Minimum: 0, Maximum: 1
Total Media - Minimum: 3, Maximum: 8

Entry Fee (ManneqArt: Hair, Makeup, Costume Competition): $45.00


ManneqArt is an organization focused on bringing Wearable Art to the attention of the American public. Through a variety of events during the year, we strive to showcase the best in imaginative Hair, Makeup, Costuming, and Digital Art. The focal point of our season is a Public Display of exceptional designs culminating in a Gala Event where finalists present their work. Winning artists can receive awards totaling $50,000, with up to $16,000 for the Gold Award Winner. Located in Howard County, Maryland, USA, ManneqArt looks to engage a community committed to embracing the arts and anticipates expanding nationwide in the future.

Terms and Conditions

ManneqArt Inc. has filed for 501c3 status and is a non-profit organization for the benefit of Education in the Arts.

Entry Details

Individual submissions for Hair, Makeup, or Costume are welcome. Complete the head-to-toe look alone for three potential awards or form a team of participants, one for each component. To locate potential teammates please visit our Facebook page and we will try to link you with another like-minded designer.

Deadline Dates:
March 30th $25
April 30th $30
May 30th $35 **final deadline for Hair and Makeup submissions and Costume submissions that will incorporate the work of a Hair or Makeup artist**
June 30th $40
July 30th $45 **final deadline for Costume submissions**

Fees cannot be refunded. Submission fees cover only one section (Hair, Costume, Makeup). Multiple submissions per applicant or team need to be filed separately.

ManneqArt discourages entries that have previously received accolades, monetary or otherwise. Student work that has been created as part of an academic curriculum is acceptable.

In order to be credited properly, please supply us with your real name upon application.


Applicants must create original designs and concepts. Entries must comply with standard copyright guidelines and not infringe on the intellectual property rights of others. While taking inspiration from outside sources is encouraged, your ManneqArt design should exist independently. Designs should not include brand names or logos to ensure trademark compliance.


ManneqArt strongly encourages artists to insure their work. ManneqArt is not responsible for wear and tear damage that occurs during the competition and public display. Please insure the work from the time it’s sent out (April) to the time it will be returned (November).

Property Retention and Distribution

If selected, ManneqArt will hold your artwork from April to November of the competition year. You will be contacted if there is any expressed interest in purchasing your design, or for extended display of your work.

Upon receipt, your work will be documented by ManneqArt (photographs, video, etc.). Any such imagery will be offered (free) back to the artists. In addition, ManneqArt reserves the right to use any images/documentation submitted to the competition or taken by ManneqArt. If the competing design wins any sponsored awards (and subsequent prize money), the intellectual property rights of the images are shared between the Artist, Award Sponsor and ManneqArt. All three legal entities may use the images without consulting the other two. Ownership of the physical design still rests with the artist unless otherwise negotiated.


Each year, ManneqArt designates a set of themes to help guide artists in their design creations. Use the following map to help determine a well-fitting route for your work.

i.e. Hair+Earth+Serious

Note: Each submission, per individual or team, must select only one theme and category for their head-to-toe look. For example, a complete Hair, Makeup, and Costume look under the Fire theme and Luminous category.

General Rules

  • Safety- It is imperative that all materials used in the ManneqArt competition are safe to use on the body and non-toxic.

  • Your creation must allow the model to move safely on the runway. Models’ eyes must not be fully covered by any element of the design. A perforated screen is acceptable.

  • Any electrical materials used in the Luminous Category (or elsewhere) must be self contained and managed safely.

  • No perishable items may be used in a design.

  • Applicants must thoroughly document their work for preliminary judging. See tips for more information and advice.

  • Designs must be labeled with the designer’s name, phone number, email and title of the piece.

General Tips

Points to consider when applying to ManneqArt:

  • Competent craftsmanship: The work should show skill and experience in working with the chosen materials.

  • Strong design: Remember, your work may be seen on the runway. It should have drama and stand out from thirty feet away.

  • Originality: Inspiration comes in many forms. Research your favorite designers, artists, authors, etc… Observe nature and explore new technologies then create your own unique artwork.

  • Art: Art is surprising, original and personal. Create a unique, individual, stand-out design that is all yours.

  • Naming your work: Naming your work is important. It allows you to lead the audience in the direction you want them to examine the piece. This is especially significant in the Humorous Category.

  • Documenting your work: Photographs of your work must accompany your application and be submitted by March 30th 2013 for the early deadline or April 30th 2013 for the late deadline. The ManneqArt jury will examine these photographs and make preliminary cuts based on what they see.

  • Here are some tips to show your work in the best light:

    • Use a good quality camera (not your phone’s camera)

    • Clean, simple lighting

    • A plain, white background

    • 3-8 images. At least one front and two detail images

    • 8’x10’ per image or as close to that ratio as possible

    • 300dpi (dots per inch) resolution or the largest equivalent setting on your camera

    These images will also be used to:

    • Populate the ManneqArt Calendar

    • Determine which 12 designs will be featured in the Calendar with graphics created through the Digital Art section of the competition

    • Choose 36 award winners whose designs will walk the runway at the ManneqArt Gala

    • Select 200 works to be placed on mannequins (with wigs attached and images of
      makeup design) to be displayed in business centers all over Howard County, Maryland for the two weeks leading up to the ManneqArt Gala


There are many amazing arts competitions being held all over the world. We are looking for artists to stand up to that caliber of performance. For examples of the level of skill and quality we are looking for, please visit the following sites:


World of Wearable Art
WOW is an amazing competition based in Wellington, New Zealand. Running for twenty five years and going strong, WOW creates a fascinating live stage show that incorporates dance and lighting into their Wearable Art presentation.

Section Rules


  • Directions for wear must be submitted with garments when shipped. Photographs and diagrams are encouraged.

  • Designs must be flexible enough to permit models to pass through doorways, climb stairs, and ramps.

  • Costumes must be durable and able to withstand shipping as well as being placed both on a human model and on a mannequin.

  • Garments have to be able to be ‘stepped into’ and not go over the model’s head (to allow for the hair and makeup elements). Please create a 46” hole to step into (after any closures have been undone).

  • Submissions will be presented on mannequins supplied by ManneqArt.

  • Costumes must be designed to fit ManneqArt mannequins, as defined by our size specifications (see diagram below).

  • Costume submissions cannot be made smaller than the standard ManneqArt mannequin size.

  • Costume submissions can be made larger than the standard ManneqArt mannequin size if there is a support structure built into the costume. This will allow the larger costume to drape properly on a ManneqArt mannequin.

  • Tips:

    • Garment closures must be strong and simple to operate. Ties, hooks, Velcro, etc… We do not recommend zippers except as decorative elements.

    • Models will provide their own basic shoes, either flats or heels. If you would like to include a shoe covering, be sure it can be secured to the foot while still allowing for safe walking.

    • If your garment requires the use of a strapless bra, nude underwear etc… please specify. If there are any particular or specific undergarments needed for the costume, please include them when shipping your design.

    • Please include lingerie straps or any other means of hanging your garment for proper storage. If it is too heavy for basic straps, please include another method of hanging.

    • We recommend trying your garment on an actual person before shipping. Keep in mind stress point on the costume and make sure to reinforce them. Try to keep the costume as balanced as possible to ensure the safety of our models.

    • If your garment is selected to advance in the competition after the jury views your photographs, you will asked to ship ManneqArt your costume. Shipping information will be provided with your selection notification.

Standard ManneqArt Mannequin

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