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The Alaska State Council on the Arts on behalf of the State of Alaska Department of Education and Early Development, Division of Libraries, Archives and Museums is requesting qualifications from artists for interior and/or exterior artwork to be commissioned for the new State of Alaska Library, Archives and Museum (SLAM) in Juneau, Alaska.
Deadline for Entries: Received by Tuesday January 8, 2013 9:59 pm Alaska Standard Time.

This RFQ is open to all professional artists residing in the United States. Applicants must be practicing visual artists. Applications from architects, landscape architects or other design professionals will not be considered unless included as part of an artist-led team. Applications will be accepted online only through CaFÉ at:

Submitted applications will be judged on a competitive basis from which up to three finalists may be selected for locations described in this RFQ. Finalists invited to propose may be interviewed. Finalists will be provided with plans and paid to develop detailed design proposals and/or meet with the art committee to discuss design ideas. Finalists may be considered for more than one location or site. It will be up to the Art Selection Committee to choose the final sites and the best possible artwork for each site.

This total ART Budget is based on total anticipated for a completed building Phases 1, 2 and 3. Phase 3 is currently not funded and is subject to legislative appropriation. The current ART budget representing Phases 1 and 2, is $500,000. It is anticipated that the Phase 3 will be funded in July 2013, in advance of finalization of contracts with the selected Artists. If Phase 3 is not funded at that time, we will limit the awardable amount for Art Contracts to $500,000.

The total ART budget will be divided to commission interior and/or exterior artworks. The selected artists’ budgets will include all costs of design, engineering, fabrication, installation, artwork transportation, special handling fees, special lighting (if any), photographic documentation, liability and automobile insurance, and an identifying plaque made to State of Alaska % for Art Program standards and specifications. State laws related to public construction, including licensing, insurance, bonding, and payment of prevailing wage rates, may apply. Finalists will be apprised of this information.


The new Library Archives Museum facility will occupy a site near the State Capitol, serving the needs of state agencies locally and a broader network of constituent agencies throughout the state. It will act as the central repository for the exceptional historical collections of the State Library and Archives, as well as the State Museum’s diverse collection of cultural artifacts – a major public attraction during the summer tourist season.

For a description of the project and an architectural narrative, please see the PDF on the Alaska State Council on the Arts website under Calls for Art. Plans and site descriptions are also included in the same PDF.
Other resources include:
SLAM Homepage -
Blog –

Finalists may be considered for more than one location or site. It will be up to the Art Selection Committee to choose the final sites and the best possible artwork for each site from the list of sites below:
Site 1 – marquee wall (See First Floor Plan)
The marquee wall is an interior location only. It is set back approximately 48 inches from the exterior wall. Exterior glass at this location is ultraclear, creating high visibility of the marquee beyond. The architectural design of the marquee wall creates an illusion of a wooden box within a glass box.

Note the increase in depth of the marquee which is an outcome of further developing the exterior wall assembly.

Site 2 – guardrails (See Second Floor Plan)
Site 3 – benches, 10-11 total (See Second Floor Plan)
Site 4 – glass wall between reading, reference rooms and lobby (See Second Floor Plan)
Site 5 – screen panels in reading room, 6 total (See Second Floor Plan)
Site 6 – clerestory window in reading and reference rooms (See Second Floor Plan)

Site 7 – spandrel panels (See Second Floor Plan and Exterior Rendering)

Interior or Exterior:
Site 0 – In lieu of one of the specifically identified sites above, artwork will be considered that responds to the site(s) and mission of SLAM through a series of interior and/or exterior work or pieces that are related yet not duplicated.

For plans and renderings, please see the PDF on the Alaska State Council on the Arts website under Calls for Art (lower left side of the page). The document file is linked to:

January 2013 – SLAM Art Committee will review Artist Applications
February 2013 – Semi-finalists will be notified by ASCA
July 2013 –Art contracts in place
April 2016 – Building Opens
Commissioned artist(s) will be required to design work in conjunction with SLAM construction and project schedules. The selected artist(s) shall coordinate all work through the DOTPF Project Manager.

Artwork should encompass the dynamic of an integrated facility with the mission of preservation and presentation of Alaska’s stories from all regions of the state.
The commissioned artist(s) will engage and work closely with the Art Selection Committee during the art design/proposal development process.

Any modifications to interior or exterior lighting will be at the expense of the artist and coordinated and approved through the project manager. Modified lighting features must be commercially available in Alaska.

Arrangement or composition of artwork should complement existing interior finishes. Finalists will be provided with material samples or examples of paint colors and finishes.

Areas of circulation and public access around artwork should be ADA compliant.
Artwork shall be compatible with climate conditions typical of Juneau, Alaska, including the following: rainfall Taku winds, and snowfall/freezing conditions. Taku winds are, in essence, extremely strong winds descending from the permanent icefield above Juneau, which occur several times each winter and reach hurricane force on average every two years.

Artwork must be designed so that maintenance does not require special equipment or extra duties performed by staff. Therefore, routine maintenance and display considerations must be minimal.
The installed artwork must be permanent and designed to last the life of the building. Artwork of all media will be considered. Viewers may touch the artwork if it is installed in an accessible location, therefore artwork within reach must also endure substantial public use.
Replacement features if required, must be commercially available in Alaska.

The criteria for selection will include:
• Quality, appropriateness, and originality of the artist's past work as evidenced by the digital images, the letter of interest and resume
• Durability, maintenance requirements, and safety considerations related to past commissions
• Past projects and references that attest to qualifications, past performance and ability to complete the work on time and in coordination with a project manager.
• Ability to work with contractors, consultants and others on the design team if applicable

Artists are required to include the following items:
1. A short letter of interest no more than one page in length. The letter should describe:
• The general nature of your approach to making art for the public realm
• How your work is or could be connected to the themes of this project
• Why your medium or media would work well with this building
• Include how your work is priced, or a budget range of past work.

2. 10 digital images of past work. Limit images to artwork created in the past 10-15 years to demonstrate capability for this project. The 10-15 year timeline is a recommendation, but you can submit images of work from any stage of your career if you feel they are relevant to the project as explained in your letter of interest. Do not submit proposals or preliminary sketches in lieu of images of completed work unless your proposal has been accepted and/or is in progress for another project.

3. A current resume no more than two pages in length. Limit highlights to work/education/training/awards and recognition from the past 10-15 years. The 10-15 year timeline is a recommendation, but you can include highlights from any stage of your career if you feel they are relevant to the project.

4. Names, titles and phone numbers for three professional references who can attest to: success of past projects, qualifications and ability to complete the work on time and in coordination with the project manager, as well as ability to work with contractors and consultants, landscape architect and others on the design team.

Preference will be given to new commissions, although existing work may be considered if appropriate to the theme and goals of this project.
Site tours of the building are not available at this time. Finalists invited to propose will be provided with plans and paid to develop proposals.
SLAM plans and renderings on ASCA’s website are for general reference only.

Requests for additional information may be directed by email to:
Andrea Noble-Pelant
Visual and Literary Arts Program Director
Alaska State Council on the Arts
Phone: 907-269-6610 or toll free in Alaska at 888-278-7424; fax: 907-269-6601

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