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Applying to Calls for Entry using CaFÉ™

Creating a profile is easy. To open a CaFE™ Artist account, provide us with your basic contact information. To get started, click here.

Your acccount information may refer to an individual artist, or may reflect a team of up to three artists (appropriate for some calls). You may have separate CaFE™ accounts for each purpose.

The information stored by the CaFE™ system is used soley for the purpose of facilitiating your applications to open calls for entry and for soliciting your participation in such calls within the CaFE™ system. Your participation in our marketing efforts is optional, be sure to review the communication options as you register.

For help topics pertaining to your CaFE™ artist profile and general information, including FAQ's, click here.

After you have setup an artist account in the CaFE™ system, the next step is to upload work samples into your CaFE™ Portfolio. When your work samples are uploaded, they'll be available for you to include in your applications.

Your portfolio can store:

Image Files (JPEG)

Audio Files (AIFF, WAV, XMF, MP3)

Video Files (3GP, WMV, AVI, MOV, ASF, MPG, MP4, M2T, MKV, M2TS)

For more information about uploading work samples and formatting requirements, click here.

With a CaFE™ profile and work samples added to your CaFE portfolio, you're ready to apply for calls!

Click here to see a list of the calls for entry currently available.

The CaFE™ system works with a nation-wide network of arts organizations, museums, galleries, art associations, public art programs, and many others to host a wide variety of opportunities and calls for entry on CaFE™, including but not limited to:

• Artist Residencies

• Art Awards and Competitions

• Design

• Fine Craft

• Juried Exhibitions in many mediums and methods

• Photography Competitions

• Public Art Commissions

• Roster and Pre-Qualified Lists, and more!

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