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Communication Policy

Your My Profile page of the CaFÉ™ system includes an "opt-in" communications feature. You may select one or many of the following types of communications to receive the listed notifications. In addition, you can also change your e-mail or mailing address from this page.

CaFÉ™ Opportunity Notifications
This type of communication will be sent regularly and will include both new opportunities to the CaFÉ™ system and those that have a deadline in the next 10 days. This email will include links to the CaFÉ™ Web site so that you can access the opportunity information and application.

CaFÉ™ Postcard Mailing
Organizations posting a call on CaFÉ™ sometimes wish to mail a postcard notification about their opportunity to artists. Postcards will be sent to the address entered in your profile.

CaFÉ™ Deadline Reminder
You will receive this reminder e-mail if your application is in the Started or Ready for Submission status for an opportunity with a deadline coming up within the next two days. This e-mail will include links to the CaFÉ™ Web site so that you can view the opportunity information and application.

CaFÉ™ Artist System Information
This type of communication will be sent bt the CaFÉ™ team to announce upgrades, changes, and improvements to the CaFÉ™ System. These e-mails will be infrequent.

How to Opt In and Opt Out
When you log in to your CaFÉ™ account, go to the My Profile page. At the very bottom of the page you can de-select any communication you no longer wish to receive. If a checkbox is not marked for a communication type, you will not receive that type of communication.

Protection and Security
Your contact information will never be sold or distributed to arts organizations that utilize CaFÉ™ or any third-party vendor. All communications are managed by the CaFÉ™ team.

The CaFÉ™ e-mail communication types listed above are in addition to and separate from communications you will receive directly from agencies administering call for entry opportunities using the CaFÉ™ system.